A second chance episode 78

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Angela saw their car and quicky
rushed outside to the garage. She
wasnt told what exactly happened but
she was told that her madam slumped
in shoprite and was rushed to the
Alice came out from the car then
opened the back door for Kofo looking
quite energetic.
‘good morning ma’ Alngela greeted.
Kofo smiled.
‘i hope my grandson ate very well last
night since his stubborn mother
refused to stay with him’ Kofo said
smacking Alice playfully.
Angela smiled.
‘but mother, i came to stay with you
now as a caring daughter that i am
now’ Alice said frowning playfully.
‘oh yeah, you were a caring daughter
but not a caring mother, aish, how
pathetic’ Kofo said and entered the
‘shebi, next time, you would look for
Alice who will come and stay with you
in the hospital’ Alice said as she left.
Fred came down, rushed to his room,
took a shower, changed his clothes
and off he went to work.
Alice saw Felix eating breakfast alone
in the dinning. She smiled.
‘Felix’ Alice called.
Immediately Felix ran to her.
‘mummy, where have you been?’ he
‘you should greet your mummy first
okay?’ Alice said as she sat on the chair
with her son on her laps.
‘good morning mummy’ Felix said.
‘good morning my love, you are looking
so handsome today. Aunt Angela must
have took very good care of you right?’
she asked.
‘yes mother, she made some cheese
cake for me and even bought me ice
cream’ Felix said excitedly.
‘wow! How nice of her and what did
you tell her?’ she asked.
‘thank you!’ Felix said.
‘thats my son, high five’ she said as she
raised her palm up and Felix shook it.
‘have you seen grandma?’ she asked.
‘yes i have. Aunt Angela said she was ill’
Felix said.
‘yes and i was with her last night thats
why i didnt come home last night’ Alice
‘okay mother. Join me for breakfast
then’ he said.
‘oh no thanks dear. I just need to
freshen up, i will join you later’ Alice
said and dropped him and she left for
her room, she laid on her bed for a
while gasping for breath.
Then she reached for her phone and
tried dialling Tony’s number but it was
switched off. Then she remembered
nurse Anabel. They had exchanged
numbers and she decided to call her.
That same day
‘what a nice place you have here!’
Gilbert said as he strolled into Stella’s
‘thanks’ Stella said as she led him to a
‘i love it’ he said.
‘thanks, what do i offer you?’ she
Gilbert looked at her, then motioned
her to sit and she did.
‘i didnt come here for pleasantries, i
just wanted to know if you are serious
about splitting Tony and Alice’ Gilbert
‘i’m serious. I love Tony and i will do
whatever to have him back’ Stella said.
‘then fate must have been very nice to
us because i want Alice badly’ he said.
‘yes. Do you have any plan?’ she asked.
Gilbert stared at her for a while as if
trying to find a plan from her face.
‘i had one and i have started working
on it’ Gilbert said.
‘really, what is it?’ Stella asked.
‘Alice’s mother was admitted in a
hospital last night and i so happened
to know one of the nurses there’
Gilbert said.
‘her name is Anabel and she’s there to
establish a friendship between herself
and Alice. I want her to be so close to
Alice so they can share secrets
together. That way, shits may happen’
Gilbert said.
To be continued

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