A second chance episode 8

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Before he knew, he had already finished
a bottle of black label and ordered for a
bottle of hennesy. Naomi had been a
good wife and a good mother. She had
loved and taken good care of him and
Maria. Theirs was an arranged marriage.
They had both been forced into the
marriage, they had stayed aloof from
one another.
Despite the fact that she wasnt happy
with the marriage, she didnt stop caring
for her husbamd, fifteen months after
the marriage, they began to grow closer
and fond of each other until they
realised they had both fallen in love with
each other.
Kenneth sat in front of Tony, he had
been watching him for awhile. Tony had
been drinking for hours now. He had
drank a bottle of hennesy, vodka and
now he was taking Jack Daniels, he was
dead drunk. His phone rang but Tony
ignored it. Kenneth took his phone and
the caller was Maria. She had been
worried of her dad’s whereabout.
As Tony was about to take another
glass of JD, Kenneth snatched the glass
from him.
‘take hold of yourself, whats all these
combination of drinks? Do you want to
kill yourself?’ he asked.
Tony looked at him foolishly. Tony was
drunk, very drunk. He smiled.
‘give me my drink Kenneth. Go and
bring Naomi to me’ he said and Kenneth
To be continued.

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