A second chance episode 84

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‘ah, hi nurse Anabel’ Alice said as she
remembered her.
‘Alice, how na? You forgot me sha. Too
bad’ Anabel said.
‘oh sorry. I was so busy’ Alice said.
‘okay, why not we hang out together
after work?’
‘i’m sorry i cant’
‘i am going to meet with a friend’
‘a guy?’ Anabel teased.
‘nope. A lady’
‘okay, so when will you now be free?’
‘i dont know. Uhm, let me call you later
bye’ Alice said and hung up with mixed
feelings about this Anabel. She wasnt
sure what type of lady she was but she
was sure that she didnt like this Anabel
of a lady. She shrugged and dropped
her phone and not too long her phone
rang again. She hissed thinking it was
Anabel again but it was her dad calling.
She smiled and picked it up.
‘hell dad!’ she said excitedly.
‘uhm, you are his daughter?’ a strange
male voice said from the other end of
the line.
Alice removed the phone from her ears
and checked the caller again. She was
sure it was her dad.
‘sorry who are you and what are you
doing with my dad’s phone?’ she asked.
‘your dad was involved in a ghastly
motor accident and he’s been taken to
Life Is Good Clinic. Meet us there’ the guy
said and hung up. Who it was she didnt
know but to hear that her dad was
involved in accident, she dashed out of
her office immediately heading to Life Is
Good Clinic.
Kofo sat with her grandson knitting.
Knitting was something she knew how
to do best and she did it whenever she
had the chance to.
‘grandma, please tell me a story’ Felix
Kofo laughed and touched his hair.
‘of course i will. Should i tell you a story
about the animal’s kingdom?’
‘okay! Once upon a time in the animal’s
Kofo’s phone rang.
‘what! I’m on my way. Oh God!’ Kofo
said and hung up.
Angela ran out from the kitchen with an
apron on.
‘yes ma’am’
‘take care of my grandson. I’m going
out’ Kofo said and ran out with full
‘i’m sorry he didnt make it. One piece of
glass got stuck in his throat and….his
heart was also affected. He’s dead. I’m
sorry’ Dr. Linus said.
‘JESUS!’ Kofo screamed and fainted.
Alice stared at the doctor as if he was a
Fred opened his eyes and stared at
Queen Lateefa.
‘No one joins Kuvudu and goes out
easily. Goodbye Fred’
and he closed his eyes

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