A second chance episode 89

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Stella was very furious. She felt insulted
by Alice’s words.
‘how can a small rat like that insult me?
How dare she?’ she fumed.
‘who really is this lady?’ Jessica asked.
With the speed of lightening, Stella
picked a flower vase on the table and
smashed it on the wall.
‘take it easy! Why are you getting
yourself worked up for nothing?’ Jessice
asked surprised.
‘for nothing? For nothing you say? A
small rat is trying to snatch my man and
you call that nothing?’ Stella asked
‘who is trying to snatch your man Stella?
Calm down and talk to me. You know i
have a lot of solutions for issues like
this’ Jessice said with an evil smile.
Stella threw her a quick glance, then sat
opposit her.
‘a rat is trying to snatch Tony away from
me and you know that i can never allow
that. Tony is mine and mine alone. I
tried talking some sense into her but
the girl is such a….such a b—h! Babe the
girl get mouth’ Stella said in anger.
Jessica laughed mockingly at Stella.
‘why are you laughing now? Look
seriously if laughing is all you have to
offer right now, i think you should just
leave please’ Stella said.
‘Stelly Stelly. Na this matter dey make you
vex? Calm down now. Na small thing’
Jessica said.
‘talk now! You too dey take everything
as play sef, abeg!’ Stella said in anger.
‘wait first. How the girl be? You fine
pass am?’ Jessica asked.
‘ha! I fine pass am now. But the girl still
fine sha. No be child’s play oo. The girl
package wella’ Stella said suddenly
calming down.
‘e no matter. How is her financial status?
She get money?’ Jessica asked.
‘hmm, her parents house dey well oo. I
couldnt help but marvel at its beauty
and all. But her dad is late. Infact today
was his funeral sef’ Stella said.
‘wetin make Tony fall for the girl first?’
Jessica suddenly asked putting Stella in
a tight corner. She didnt want to say
what exactly happened. She didnt trust
Shifting uncomfortably, she said ‘i dont
see how that will put a stop to their
relationship na!’
Jessica studied her for a while.
‘fine, i have a plan. If it will work, i do
not know. Its fifty fifty’
‘Angii’ Alice called.
‘yes dear’
‘if you are less busy, then i think we
should clean up that room opposite the
kitchen. Since father isnt alive, lets clean
it up’ Alice said.
‘okay no problem. Do you have the
keys?’ Angii suddenly asked.
‘keys?’ Alice muttered ‘keys, keys, keys. I
dont think its locked. Lets check first’
‘okay’ Angela said and they both headed
to the room.
‘its locked’ Alice said as she turned the
door know several times but it didnt
‘thats bad. Do you have idea where the
keys are?’ Angela asked.
‘i do not know. Maybe mother knows’
Alice said and went to her parents’
Kofo was sleeping when she went in.
Alice wanted to wake her up but
decided against it.
‘she has cried alot today. Let her rest’
she said to herself.
As she was about leaving, she sighted
something metal under the bed.
She quickly bent to take a look, then she
saw a heavy suitcase. She quietly drew it
out and took it to her room.
She sat on her bed and tried opening
the suitcase. It had a passcode. What
could it be? She thought. She was sure it
contained something, maybe the keys.
Passcode, passcode.
To be continued

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