A second chance season 2 episode 21

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Tony raised a brow, then frowned ‘what
do you mean Ximena?’
Ximena laughed ‘just trying to make a
joke. To, you know, ease up the tension
Her laughter was like music to his ears
and he realised he kind of missed it. But,
its been 20years. 20years since he last
saw Ximena.
Thinking about it once more, he realised
that love never worked out for him.
Ximena Valdez, his secondary school
lover, had broken up with him because
of a new guy in school then. She
claimed the guy was best for her and
broke it off with him. They had been
enemies before her Mexican father died
and she and her mother, from Mexico as
well, left Nigeria for their country. That
was the last he had heard of her.
Then Naomi, he loved her. He loved her
with all his heart but the cold hands of
death had snatched her from him. All
thanks to her mother, the witch!
And now Alice, well her case was
complicated. She claimed to love him
whereas she loved someone else, she
was just with him for the things she
could get for him. And now, she was
with him again, playing the saint of the
story. He snorted, women! He would
never understand them.
Then he remembered the way Ximena
and him had fought seriously after their
break up. He couldnt let her go. Back
then, she was his life and he couldnt
survive without her, though she was a
foreigner. So he had accosted her new
boyfriend that time and always fought
with him, beating the guy pulp and blue.
And then Ximena, the tomboy and
fighter stood up for her boyfriend
and….he smiled. He wondered where
Elvis was now.
‘a penny for your thoughts’ Ximena said
interrupting his thoughts.
He smiled.
‘what were you thinking?’ she asked.
‘nothing in particular’ he replied
‘really? Or were you thinking about us?
The memorable times we shared
together, our romance?’
‘or stop it Ximena, there’s no reason to
remember all that. By the way, how did
you and Elvis end up?’ he asked.
Ximena stared at him ‘why are you
He shrugged ‘curiousity’
‘curiousity killed the cat’
He chuckled ‘i know’
‘well, Elvis and i didnt really work. Back
then, i was immature. I was chasing
shadows. I thought i knew what was
best for me. I thought Elvis was the one
for me. While you prepared so much for
your WAEC then or whatever it was, and
paid less attention to me, he showered
me with ots of attention. He was always
there when i was lonely. And then, one
day i asked him if he was preparing for
his WAEC at all and he said yes. Then i
asked him how he managed to create
time for me, and he confessed that he
loved me. He said if you really loved
someone, you will create time for that
person no matter how busy you are.
Leaving me in doubt if you ever loved
me enough to create time for me
despite you studying for your
examinations. While we were together
only on weekends, Elvis and i were
together virtually all the time. While you
called me once in two days, Elvis called
me every two hours. Though i
understood why you had less time for
me, Elvis kept convincing me that his
love for me was greater than your love
for me. And im my immature mind, i
figured it was true. Then i started to
drift away from you. And then one day,
someone told me to stay with someone
who loves me more than i can imagine
than someone who loves me little, ‘ a
small laughter escaped her throat ‘and i
did just that. I thought i was in love
with Elvis more than i was in love with
you, thats why i chose him over you.
And i hated you for telling me you loved
me and yet you couldnt create time for
me even if you were writing your WAEC
or whatever. How could i end up with
someone like that? That was what i
thought then’
‘wow! How low you thought of me
then. So how did you and Elvis break
‘well, he never really loved me. He
planned it with Vannessa. Because she
was obsessed with you then and
wanted you for herself. So she wanted
us apart’
‘yeah, after our break up, Vannessa kept
coming to me, trying to seduce me and
all that but i never fell for it. The childish
love i had for you then was stronger
than lust’
‘you didnt fall but i fell for it. I was
vulnerable and stupid then’
‘Ximena, you are crying’
She smiled ‘i’m sorry but i always get get
emotional whenever i think about our
love story which never had the happy
ever after i always dreamt of. All thanks
to me. Thats why Tony, i’ve come so i
could correct my mistakes. To take back
what i lost. I am wiser now and fate
made us lose our spouses so we could
be together. Because we are meant to
be together honeypie’ Ximena said.

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