A second chance season 2 episode 39

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Episode 39.
Maria change her mind, there was no use killing Gilbert, so she just dressed up, picked up her purse and left the house.
Her feminity still hurt, and she was bleeding. God help her, she never planned to lose her virginity like that, not with Gilbert, not with someone she didnt love.
As the driver and the personal bodyguard Tony had appointed for her drove her home, she felt like crying. Then as the car moved, she tried to think of her life starting from last year.
How she first met Alice. How her dad and her started dating. How she got pregnant for her dad. How they became engaged. And how Gilbert shot her. And how she had lied that Alice was the one who shot her and had resulted in her being in prison. How she had insulted and stabbed Ximena. Calling her names.
And she realised she had been a devil all this while.
In as much as she didnt want a step mother. Or any woman to take her mother’s place in her father’s heart, she realised her dad actually needed a woman and another child.
She was 17 and preparing for her WAEC, she was sure she was going to study abroad, Harvard preferably. And she was going to leave her dad alone.
It was going to be boring for him, there would be no wife or child to keep him company. She could imagine him coming back from work and the house is empty, save for maid or maids as the case maybe because she was sure she was going to fire that plumpy, short and ugly new househelp of theirs.
What a boring life it would be for him!
Perhaps he should get married. She should let him get married. But the thought of her dad kissing another woman who was not her mum made her angry.
She was always angry whenever Alice and her dad were in his room with the door locked. She couldnt help but think they were making out.
And she always found herself placing her ears on the door listening for moans or groans.
Until perhaps Rhoda caught her……that reminded her, Rhoda! She hadnt seen that girl since she came back from the hospital.
When she came back, she saw two new househelps, and she forgot asking about Rhoda. She like Rhoda. She was hardworking and cooperative. Most times, when she wanted to sneak out for night parties, Rhoda always helped her. She was going to ask about her from her dad.
So going back to her former thoughts, she considered letting her father remarry. Maybe that will……no! Her father must not marry, over her dead body.
Her father was a married man as far as she was concerned. After all had still been married to her mum before she died, they didnt divorce.
Okay, fine her dad wasnt marrying, but what about Alice? Alice who was suffering from a crime she didnt cleary commit?
Then she made up her mind.
Immediately she got home, she went straight to her dad’s room and after necessary pleasantries, she knelt before him.
‘dad, i have a confession to make’ she looked into her dad’s eyes and saw confusion.
‘it was Gilbert,’ she paused ‘it was Gilbert who shot me. Not Alice’
To be continued……………………………

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