A second chance season 2 episode 7

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Gilbert saw Alice standing by the door
as though she was seeing someone but
he didnt care he knew no one was
Then she went outside and closed the
door behind her. Very good! He put an
end t his facade and wiped away the
fake tears on his eyes. Thank goodness
for the menthylator balm Abby had left
in the sitting room
Once Alice wasnt looking, he had took
the balm and rubbed a small quantity on
his eyes and the tears flowed like a
Naive idiot! He was going t teach her a
lesson she wuld never forget in a hurry
no one messes with his heart and ges
scot free he had given Alice his heart
but she toyed with it now she was
going to show her a bitter side of him
he did love her, no doubt but the last
thing he wanted was being like a
Despite his love for her, he must make
sure she suffers. He was going to kill
her. And Tony. Amy. Maria. Kelvin and of
course, Collins, they will all die.
Then afterwards, he had leave the
country with Abby and they wuld start
life afresh. Yes, thats what he was going
to do. But first, he needed to do
something, and thats to call Collins. Oh!
He felt for his friend really? The guy was
a good one, handling all the dirty jobs,
keeping secrets, he trusted him but that
wont keep him from dying. He wanted
to start a new life.
He didnt want anyne from his past to
come haunting later on in life everyone
will have to go down.
‘you still wont back down would you,
you shameless gold digger!’ Maria said
eyeing her scornfully as they moved
away from Gilbert’s doorstep.
Alice closed her eyes. She wanted t end
all of this. All of this hatred and
resentment. She wanted it to end. She
wanted to be happy and live with the
only man she loved, as husband and
wife she didnt want anything
whatsoever to pse a threat and now
that Maria still didnt like her, she didnt
knw what to do.
‘Maria,’ she called, eyes still closed ‘yu’ve
got to really believe me i really love your
father, i love him sincerely’
‘and who’s denying that?’ Maria asked
‘you love my father and i dont love you
and my father loves me so much! So, do
you think you stand a chance of being
my father’s wife, you s–t!’
‘i am not a s–t!’ Alice flared ‘stop calling
my that, for the last time’
‘oh now, you are going to threaten me,
warn me, maltreat me right? You are
not even my father’s wife yet and yu are
already threatening me, when you
become my father’s wife, wetin yu go
come do?’
‘i’m sorry about that i was just….’
‘you were just what? What did you
come here to do Alice? Oh yeah, lest i
forget, my father called you a s–t,’ Maria
said and Alice gasped ‘oh yeah, a two
timing b—h, a high class w—e, a
materialistic harlot, a high class
prostitute of a single mother!’
Alice thought she’d die. She never
thought Tony could think so lowly of
her never.
‘are you surprised?’ Maria asked ‘or you
thought he had never tell me?’ she
laughed ‘fool! Idiot! Senseless b—h. You
really are so naive. My father never truly
loved you. He was just lonely and
needed a bed companion and
fortunately, you brought your cheap
slutty self to him and he took advantage
of you and…..’
‘you are lying to me!’
‘shut up! How would someone wh
claims to love you think so lowly of you
huh? You are more foolish than i
thought, Alice Tarulba. Oh sorry! I forgot
how much you wanted or want to be
Alice Brown but i’m sorry because i
would never let that happen, never!’
Maria said and walked away, going
towards Gilbert’s apartment

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