Ada episode 5

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Some place in Tejuosho Market, Lagos state.
I walked in front of Gibson, while he played bodyguard as I looked for the things I needed to buy, I got to a shop that sold provisions and seeing as we needed some milk, sugar and other necessities, I decided to patronize the shop. As I stood there prizing and talking, I felt someone looking at me, I quickly looked to my left to see a man staring at me, like practically staring at me, wearing a black hoodie with black track pants, even as I stared at him he didn’t stop, he just continued to stare, the look in his eyes caused me to shiver and not in a good way.
Lost in my own thoughts of why the man was staring at me, I jerked to the feel of Gibson’s hand on my waist, I bent my neck slightly to the back to look at him and saw that his eyes too was on the man.
“Are you done?” he asked eyes still on the man.
I nodded my head, I wasn’t done but still anyone in my situation will say yes.
“Let’s go” he said, his voice edgy.
I didn’t argue, didn’t give him any lip, I just obeyed and turned around, his hand was still on my waist, while the other was holding the bag containing the stuff I had bought earlier on.
Then he led me directly to his car, a black Mercedes Benz E-class that was parked outside the market, he opened the passenger door for me, I got in, he closed the door, his eyes still alert. I looked around, turning my head this way and that, but I could no longer see the creepy guy.
My head turned to the sound of the car door opening, and then I watched as Gibson bent and got in to sit behind the wheel. He closed the door immediately, started the car, and pressed his foot on the gas, and off we went.
None of us spoke; he just drove us straight to the house, his face a mask of stone.
We got home safe. We both walked into the house and I headed for the kitchen with Gibson behind me. Getting to it, Gibson took a hold of my hands, I looked at him ‘cos seriously I couldn’t think, my mind was just on the guy that was staring at me weirdly.
We stood by the kitchen, my hands in his when he spoke, “from now on Ada, you don’t go out alone, understand?” he said firmly, I was not to disagree with him with the way he sounded, and I wasn’t planning on doing so. So I nodded my head, he nodded back at me, and then he let go of my hands to pull out his phone from his pocket. He dialed a number, then placed the phone to his ear. A few seconds later, he said into the phone,
“Bello….yeah, we need to talk, something’s not right” I stood there looking at him as Bello spoke at the other end of the line, Gibson continued to speak.
“No not Nancy, it’s Ada” silence….
And then “yeah, it’s not good, get back as soon as you can….ok, later”. Then he placed the phone back into his pocket with his eyes still on me and repeated
“No going out alone”
Ok then, this is a serious matter, so I guess I should also be serious about it, so I agreed by nodding my head at him.
Once I did, he turned around and walked away, leaving me standing there with a jumbled mind.
What in the world is going on?

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