Adebimpe the facebook girl complete season 9.

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( The concluding part….)
The story started all the way from season 1 when Onihaxy met Adebimpe on Facebook and lots of things happened along the line. Onihaxy Media hereby presents the concluding part of this fantastic Adebimpe the facebook girl series titled “ Adebimpe the facebok girl season 9” (The final SAGA).
This story comes with two other HOT, interesting and fantastic new stories, making it a (3-in-one) story pack for just;
N400 (Bank transfer / Online Payment)
N500 (Airtime)
you can also purchase this book online from any part of the world on Okadabooks store and other accredited online stores.
Alternatively, you can also purchase a copy Only Adebimpe the facebook girl season 9 on Onihaxy Media Store for just:
N200 (Bank payment/ Online payment)
N300 ( Airtime purchase)
Due to series of complains and issues from our readers about their inability to read the pdf copy on their phones due to their inability to install pdf reader, this story WILL NOT BE MADE AVAILABLE as PDF. Instead, it will be made available online on our webstore and on onihaxy media app as TEXT where you can login to read, it will be accessible to all phones and browsers, including java phones.
*Register a user account on,
*your user access will be enabled for any story on purchase
* you will be able to login to our webstore/ app store to read the story you purchased
* Your access code will only be able to access the story purchased. you can always use the same code to access other stories by paying for them and your access will be enabled for the other stories
* your access will only be valid for 5 days at a time on a particular story before it expires. your user account will still be active after its expiry duration. just that you won’t be able to access the story
for purchases on Okadabook store, you will also be able to read on web and app.

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All the way from season 1 down to the recently concluded season 8, we have been providing weekly updates BACK to BACK, even at the expense of people who are paying to get the full story. Sincere shout-outs and appreciation to all Facebook pages, blogs and web admins who have been sincere and supportive in making the free updates available to people outside this platform .
But despite this kind gesture, we never stopped having attacks and sabotages from some people who made themselves enemies of progress. Some will illegally copy our stories to closed pages and whatsapp groups, some are changing the characters of the story from “Onihaxy” to their own brand of names, and several people are claiming ownership of the story and parading themselves as the writer. The worst and the most saddening part that made shed tears almost every day is that some people will buy a copy and start reselling to people on their whatsapp groups and blog pages without our knowledge and permission.
As a result of this, we are sorry to announce that THERE WILL BE NO WEEKLY UPDATES on the final Saga for now till further notice until we are able to provide security measures to protect and secure our works from plagiarists, sabotages and enemy of progress.
Adebimpe the facebook girl season 9 “The Final Saga” (the concluding part) is a must for everyone to have a copy and read. You can’t just afford to miss the next thrills.
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0 thoughts on “Adebimpe the facebook girl complete season 9.

  1. Onihaxy where is the story ?i can’t find it here,please if i made a mistake kindly highlight me on how to see the story and read it please

    1. You won’t be able to read until you are activated. Kindly make your payment to activate the story

  2. Onihaxy kindly check your Whatsapp.. Left a message there for you as regards my subscription for the Complete Seaseon 9 of Adebimpe the Facebook Girl. Thanks

  3. Even with the activation, I can still be able to read anything… The content is always empty… And you said the activation will expire five days after… Kindly do it as you the complete season 8.

  4. Even after the activation i am still unable to read the season 9 .. It kept on displaying ‘loading’ countless times… It kinda pissing me off .. Kindly rectify d problem Mr Onihaxy. This is the 2nd day of subscribing and u said expiration of subscription is after 5 days.. Kindly rectify. Thanks

    1. So sorry about that.
      First, no more expiry days. Secondly. Try to use chrome or Firefox to open it. It works well on those two browsers.

      1. Its so disheartening and it looks more like a punishment to me because even with the google chrome and firefox the problem encountered still persist.. Its still showing loading when clicked on the story paid for.
        The truth is i came to this page purposely because of the final season of Adebimpe the facebook girl and after subscription nd activation i still cant view the story.. Its not good enough… I was even thinking since i paid via whatsapp it was supposed to be sent to me on whatsapp atleast the details says 10minutes after subscription what we paid for will be delivered to us…
        Really am pissed i wont hide my displeasure, its not about the money but all about time been wasted searching for what is not lost
        Am not pleased.

  5. pls here is my digit add me up we need to talk i need d complete season nine tanx bro i luv ur work

  6. add me up on ur whatsapp group i need d complete season nine here is my contact 07033100173

  7. Mr onihaxy am tommy.k by name I love the way u have been putting smiles on ppls face for a very long time tnxs so much bro. But then I need ur hElp badly on an issue,I will apreciate if u had help me out pls give me ur whatsapp number or u can be so kind to hello me on whatsapp 08038722009 thanks bro

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