Adesuwa episode 3.

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”Good morning sir” She greeted her father who was already seated outside their mud house, as she walked slowly home, the giant can balanced precariously over her head.

”Girl where are you returning from?” He queried with a nasty scowl on his face ”All your mates that went to the stream with you are back and you are just coming”

”Sorry sir”, she stammered ”I got tired on the way and i rested a bit” She lied convincingly

He seemed to consider wither to question her further, but decided against it, and said instead.

”You better get inside the house now. Your mother has already gone to the market. Go and cook something and take care of your younger ones. Make sure you clean the house properly because you Aunty Lara is coming to see us today” He told her.

She was elated at the news. She remembered her aunty Lara, her mother’s younger sister quite well. Though it was almost five years since she had seen her last, she remembered her as extremely generous and rich. It was a second christmas for the kids whenever she came to see them, as she showered them with gifts. Her parents were not left out in the largesse as Adesuwa had known for a while that she had been responsible for their upkeep so far.

She hurried inside, and prepared for her chores happily as she sang softly to herself.
Her aunty arrived late in the evening. She alighted from the taxi with a loaded suitcase in tow. She had hardly stepped out before the children ran out to greet her, and she was extremely delighted to see them, letting the roll her luggage into the house. Adesuwa came out of the house, self consciously watching her aunty warily, before she went out to greet her. She was exactly how she remembered her to be. Her light skin shone against the fading evening sun, and her braided hair fell to her back. She was plus size, though she carried her weight gracefully.

”Adesuwa, why are you standing there? Come and greet me or are you not happy to see me?” She asked as Adesuwa ran forward towards her, kneeling slightly and greeting her

”Welcome ma, how was your trip?

”it went well my dear. You are growing so fast. Where are your parents?” ”They are coming out now” and even as she said it, her parents came out of the house, her mother in front as the two sisters hugged themselves.

”My fine sister, how was your journey from Lagos?”

”It was okay o. I slept through most of the flight to Benin” She replied

The younger children were amazed to see someone who had been on a jet, and their stares betrayed their admiration.

”Welcome, welcome, but why are we all standing outside?, let us go inside” Chief Omoregie said
They were seated in the sitting room, after an evening meal.

Adesuwa had winced inwardly when she served her aunty her meal, seeing that it was not the luxurious meals she must be used to, but she ate it so
happily, Adesuwa was sure her parents heaved a sigh of relief along with her. They had finished their meal now, and her parents and her aunty were in the sitting room along with her, and they were discussing an issue of great importance.

”So brother, you remember what we discussed the last time I was here” She was addressing Chief Omoregie

”Yes, I do, as you can see, she is of age now and it is time she does what is necessary”

Adesuwa had a feeling that she was the subject of discussion but she did not know what it was they were talking about. She did notice however that her mother sat silent, watching the proceedings and occasionally wiping tears from her eyes.
Her aunt now turned her attention to Adesuwa.
”I know you are wondering what it is we are talking about. Well, you know how things are tough in this family, so I have decided that you will follow me to Europe so I can help you make something of yourself” She finished, smiling. Adesuwa was left speechless. It was not what she had expected to hear but the news had left her stunned.

”And when are we supposed to go?” She asked when she regained her composure

”Tomorrow we leave for Benin and from there we will make our way down in about two weeks time” Her aunty answered her.

Adesuwa turned to look at her parents, her father smiling happily, and her mother stifling sobs.

”What will I be doing in Europe?”

”There are a lot of jobs for smart young girls like you. I have a contract with a farm to supply girls to pick tomatoes, I know you will do very well and send your parents money” Aunty Lara concluded.

Adesuwa knew it was no use arguing as it was a done deal between her parents and her aunty. It would be a new and exciting experience for her she knew, but she couldn’t help but feel a of foreboding for what lay ahead, and loss for what she left behind.

<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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