Adesuwa. Episode 5.

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Adesuwa. Episode 5.

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The next morning by 4 30 am, the girls were up and ready, including the girl who had been beaten terribly. At exactly five o clock, a Coaster bus pulled up outside the house, and all the girls filed out and trooped in, sitting down. Next, the thugs who were with them the previous night also came in and sat down. Finally, Madam came in too, smiling happily as she chorused a greeting
”Good morning everybody”
”good morning madam” All the girls replied except
Adesuwa who had mistakenly called her aunty. Madam turned her eyes towards her, and within the blink of an eye, one of the young men had pounced on Adesuwa, ready to beat her to a pulp. Madam however stopped him before he could inflict his deadly blows.
”Young lady, let that be the last time you will ever call me that is that clear?”
”Yes madam” she replied, heaving a sigh of relief as the man straightened up and left her alone.
The bus started and Madam took her seat as they
began their journey to the yet unknown destination. Many of the girls dozed off in transit, and the few that were awake kept on staring ahead, not saying a word to each other.
The only sound that penetrated the silence was the voice of madam who spoke excitedly on the phone throughout in a strange language. From the little Adesuwa could gather from the times she put down the phone to make an enquiry from her assistants, she was speaking to her business partners in Italy. They went through lengths of bad roads and nearly un- motorable bush parts, leaving the metropolis far behind as they made their way to a deserted stretch of road.
Along the way, the driver veered off and they went
along a lonely road for about thirty minutes, stopping at a clearing. They all disembarked and followed Madam as she led them through the clearing to areas of dense foliage. They went along this route, further and deeper till they got to a lonely building made of wood and raffia. It looked large enough to accommodate a
hundred people, and they could see whips of smoke emanating from a hole in the roof. It was scary looking, sitting all by itself in that dense jungle, but madam did not flinch as she led them in and sat on the bare ground, ordering everyone sharply to do the same.
They had hardly sat down when they heard the jingling of bells coming from the direction of the smoke, and in less than a minute, a strange man came through the opening adjacent to the one they entered from.
He was dressed from head to foot in a flowing red
robe, his mass of beards were tangled and overgrown and his head was covered in a white turban, out of which poked some unruly strands of his browned dreadlocks. He held a long iron rod in one hand and in the other a piece of white cloth. As he came in, madam bowed to the ground and ordered everyone else to do the same. They all obeyed out of fright, and after a few moment they could hear madam addressing the man.
”These are the girls I told you about, you know what to do with them wise one”
The man did not give any indication that he understood what she said, but touching the girl nearest to him,
beckoned on her to follow him. She stood up, and the other girls watched out of the corner of their eyes as he led her to the back of the building. She was there with him for a long time, and then she finally came back, without her clothing, a white cloth tied around her, and shivering wet. This repeated itself, until it got to Adesuwas turn. She stood up shaking with fright and followed him to the back of the building where he opened his mouth to speak.
”Take off your clothes”
She did as she was commanded and stood naked
before the man. He approached her with a sharp blade, bending to her pubic region and detached dome of her pubic hair which he put into a calabash. Next, he told her to bend down and proceeded to give her a rough bath with water from another pot. Then showing her a stack of white clothes, he told her to wear one. She did, quite hastily, and she stood up. He told her to go
and call the next person in.
Finally all the girls had been properly bathed and he came before them holding the pot containing their pubic hairs.
He then proceeded to administer a fearsome oath of allegiance on each of them before going back the way he came. When he finished, madam was so happy and ecstatic that nothing had gone wrong and she turned to address the girls, her assistants by her side
”Now, you have all sworn to be obedient and do exactly as i tell you. If you disobey, I don’t need to tell you the consequences as you will see it for yourself. Now, tomorrow morning, we will take off for Lagos where you will take your flight to Europe. You are lucky I am a good madam or else you would have made the journey on foot. Now all of you, go back in the bus, and experience your last night in Nigeria”.
<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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