Adesuwa. Episode 6.

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Adesuwa. Episode 6.
As she lay in her bed that night, Adesuwa began to imagine all the fearful possibilities of what would become of her. She had no illusions that things were going to be better or her conditions would improve. What would become of her now that she was on the verge of leaving so far from home? It was obvious to
her now that her aunt had more sinister motives of taking her from her home, if not, why had she been acting so bizarre these past few days since they got here?
She was so deep in thought she did not even hear the creaking of her door against its hinges, as a muscular figure slid into her room, taking advantage of the cover of darkness. Before she could realize what was
happening, a hand covered her mouth, stifling her muffled scream, and the other free hand tore open her blouse and fondled her free breasts roughly. She tried to struggle but it was no use as he was too powerful for her, as she felt him rip her skirt away, and push her
underwear aside. She knew that she stood no chance and if she struggled, she could get seriously hurt, so she forced herself to go limp while he continued ravishing her body.
Her rapist must have taken her lack of struggle as a sign that she was welcoming of his advances, and he proceeded to let go of her mouth. Seeing that the gag on her mouth was free, she gave an ear splitting scream, but it was cut short by a heavy smack on her
face that rendered her semi conscious. She felt him enter her with the biggest manhood she had ever had, and proceed to thrust away and when he had cum in her, he stood up quietly and left, leaving her as he had met her in the dark. The next morning as they all gathered in the sitting room, she could tell from the way the other girls looked at each other nervously that they each had been visited too the previous night, though none of them said anything about it. Madam was in her usual chai, directing affairs for an early departure. She seemed to
the girls to be oblivious to what had happened, but Adesuwa knew that she must have had a hand in it. She however kept her cool and kept it all in herself as she joined the other girls to prepare for her journey to Italy.
”Stand against the light, yes very good, hold your lovers head. Now lick his ears, yeah very good, bellisimo” The director was giving the orders in a makeshift studio deep in Via Pellesimi, the dark capital of Rome. The
movie he was directing was a hardcore porn production meant for a few well paying client and the star of the show was a young prostitute brought from Nigeria about three months ago. She had been doing flicks for him on and off, between the time it took her to parade
the cold streets of Italy looking for clients. Her name was Jewel, though it was obviously a pseudonym, but who cared, as long as she did her job right, and always appeared good. This particular flick was a threesome between two men and Jewel, and she handled both men extremely well, a perfect picture for the directors clients.
Over on the bed, Adesuwas mind was in a blur as she was relentlessly pounded by both men through any and all her holes. She had never met them before and she was not sure she would ever see them again, but the connection they shared seemed magical to her prospective viewers at that moment. The men were both Caucasian and they sported extra large tools. The first man was hitting her had from behind, while the second was relentlessly shoving his
tool in and out of her mouth, as spit dribbled down her lips and on to her chest. The man behind her was going at a furious pace, and she held on to the bed for dear life. He finally relented, and spinning her around, entered her well worn pussy in one swift move and began to pound. They were going at it raw without any
protection, but that was part of the risk of the trade. The man banging her pussy was obviously high on a substance, as were they all, and he kept going for at least an hour, occasionally changing places with the
man hitting her mouth. Finally with a shudder, as if timed, they both brought out their dicks from respective holes and came all over her young body, while she smiled, using her finger to scoop some of the cum, and licking it up. The camera gave a close up shot of her and then blacked out.
Action was over, the film was a success, and the director applauded their performance. He paid the men in cheques as they proceeded to the changing rooms to get rested, but did not offer Adesuwa a dime. Her earnings for this movie would be paid directly to her Madame’s account, and from there Adesuwa would be
given a stipend. They did not even as much as offer her a room to get dressed, and she had to quickly do it while the crew rearranged the set for another set of actors. She used a towel to clean herself as best as she could manage, and put on her clothes hastily.
The director was an Italian man with a terrible temper and she did not want to set him off by dithering. She finally was able to get her things together, and gradually, she felt the effect of the drugs they took wearing off, and she stumbled outside into the blazing sun, jarring her senses as she went along, making her
way as slowly as she could manage to the train
station. The train she needed to board left in a few minutes, and she boarded it, drawing stares from the afternoon commuters, obviously due to her disheveled appearance and slutty dressing, but she was used to people looking at her oddly anyway, and she made her way to the backseat, even as a middle aged women with a young son hurriedly scampered away from her, and went to look for better seats. Adesuwa did not even pay her any attention as she propped herself in the seat, and as the train began its journey, the gentle movement lulling her to a deep sleep, she let her mind drift away.

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