Adesuwa. Episode 7.

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She was dreaming and in the dream, she was relieving the moments from when she left Nigeria till she got to Italy. When they got to the airport along with madam and a few of her assistants, there was a scary moment for her when the immigration officer had called her into a room for a thorough search. The lady conducting the search was brusque and business like and had commanded Adesuwa to strip as she got into the room. Adesuwa was self conscious and the woman hurled insults at her, calling her a prostitute, threatening to hold her back, and she had complied immediately. The search produced nothing, and the woman was obviously disappointed as she let her go. Boarding Alitalia was a new experience for her, as that was the first time she had ever entered an aircraft, and she was a nervous wreck by the time the jet skidded
on the runway in Italy. She had heard stories of plane crashes and she silently thanked her forefathers for granting her a safe journey.
Madam had arranged that they would be picked up by her driver in Italy, and after the formalities of their airport immigration officials, they all boarded the busprovided and made their way to a safe house. It was a flat in one of the inner roads in Italy. Though it was technically a rural area, all the girls who had mostly lived in the villages all their lives were amazed at the amenities and infrastructure they saw. The house was owned by Madam, and over time, had become the headquarters of her international prostitution and smuggling ring. She had hardly allowed them to settle in before she gave them a welcome pep talk, telling them that they would become prostitutes her, and that there were no tomatoes to pluck. A few of the girls looked shocked Adesuwa included, but some maintained a straight face. Obviously they knew why they were there already. Adesuwa would come to find out later that these ones had actually met Madam themselves to beg to be included in her ring, hence they knew full well what it was they were getting into. A few of the girls actually broke down and cried at the realization of their new line of work, but madam continued her lecture, reminding the girls that they had sworn an oath that was foolproof and hence they could not escape. One of the girls tried to escape that night, picking the lock on the front door, and running to the nearest police station she could find. When Madame found out the next morning, she didn’t show any sign of being bothered but had continued as normal. She assigned the girls into groups and gave them an individual handler from her retinue of male thugs. Adesuwa was assigned to a brutish man named Jack, and he told them that they would be staying at the flat,  and work in the environs. The others were to be shared among other locations from where they would ply their trade.

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Later in the evening, two policemen brought back the girl who had escaped the night before. She was obviously raving mad, the men handed her over to madam, and she tipped them generously. Adesuwa would also get to find out later that a number of policemen and other city officials were on her payroll, hence she could operate with impunity. Madam assembled the girls, and showed them the effects of disobeying her, warning them that they would each run mad if they decided to do the same. She dreamt of the first night she had been put o the streets to solicit for clients. Se was extremely tensed as she didn’t know what to expect. Jack sat watching the five girls under his charge in a nearby coffee shop.
The first customer she picked was a fat Italian man who was very lazy in bed. At the end of her ordeal, she handed the money over to Jack.
According to the agreement, she was to work like this for three years after which she would be free to go on her own. She handed over all the money because she did not want to run mad. Since then, she handled a variety of men, in different positions and styles,becoming hardened and more experienced with each one, occasionally acting a porno for extra bucks, and never once had she thought of cheating her madam.
She had not heard from her family since, and she was too ashamed to. Madam had still kept her distance, though she told her once that she had contacted her family on her behalf and they were doing fine. She still dreamt of Osas, wondering if he had forgotten her, got a new girlfriend and moved on with his life. She sincerely wished he had. Now, he was nothing more than a distant memory, even as she was but a shadow of who she used to be.

<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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