Beyond my control episode 10

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Beyond my control part 10

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And face me,so Sunday you couldn’t tell me this girl collected the money you were given, she faced titi,we bought all this any pee about it,at least you collected his money did you wanna starve him to death??? Titi was speechless and with anger she brought 750 and threw it at Us and left us,I wanted to pick it when wuraola told me if you dare pick it? We left the money and wrote it for wuraola that titi is gonna punish me for this let’s go beg her,wuraola insisted No,then we left for class,we did some subjects Buh titi wasn’t talking the whole Day
Wuraola dropped me as usual is like rain wanted to fall,titi wasn’t outside anyways,so I went in she was in I greeted gently,you fool,you dumby you dare embarrassed me in front of that bitch,you’ll regret this in ur life watch my next move she said,then I knelt down immediately begging her Buh she wouldn’t listen then I stood up approaches the kitchen she cooked for me I ate it and wash the plates,I moved to my room and study all night,days passed.
Titi do come into my room and I do go to her room,she has stopped yelling at me Buh still jokingly call me dumby her mom was happy at how she behaved with me we are lively and happy.
One day,Wuraola called me,she told me to be careful with titi that she don’t trust her she has something hidden for me I was mad at that statement with anger I brought a book and write this to wuraola _you’ve been the nicest friend after I lost my mom,I never see uuu get jealous Buh now,you seems to be jealous,are you angry about how titi has been friendly with me do you wanna start pee within us,wuraola read it and cried in front of me,she said I was just trying to take care of you,I left her with anger.The next day she apologised for what she said,I agreed Buh not totally forgiven,she packed her bags from my seat and I was seating alone this move on days and days,exam started am not that confident in myself,me and wuraola just do greet nothing else,we wrote exams,school closed for the term.
One Saturday night titi called me as usual I was about to sleep,she tied rapper she said her back is scratching her if I can help scratch her back,I replied yea,she lied on the bed and I sat beside her on the bed she asked me to use my 2 hands to scratch it,I did,then she suddenly shouted for help her mom and the gateman rushed in,I was wondering why she shouted before I know she started crying that I wanted to rape her,I tried to help you,you this fucking orphan she locked my cloth the gateman tried holding her then with her anger her mom shouted leave my house I checked the time is past 11,they throw my luggages out and asking her daughter if I had touch her,I couldn’t express myself Buh I
😥😥😥😥😥 watch out for part 11

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