Beyond my control episode 12

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Beyond my control part 12

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We don’t do anything at home, we only study,eat,watch and sleep,sometimes we feel like going out,apart from that we’re very free,wuraola taught me throughout the holidays, she gave me a new life.
School resumes,Mom had bought all the nicest things for us,the 1st day at sch,students were surprised to see us together again and titi saw me,I could see jealousy through her face,I’ve enjoyed been with wura,av got the nicest things with her
In class titi was always staring at us how we do things together she can’t talk again,the whole class calls me Dumby and Wura dumby lover but we’re use to it.
One day titi approached Wura to beg me that she has offended me buh Wura being a nice person asked titi to follow her then they both came to me titi and wuraola pleaded I was very mad at Wura for doing this but I’ve got no choice than to 4gv and 4gt
The three of us are now good friends titi had explained what happened to her mom then her mom 4gv her and asked for my own forgiveness also.the whole school now know us as the best the 1st,2nd and 3rd do come from us,no one could ever meet our marks,years passes we graduated from high school we went to study in America,titi and wura’s mom sponsored us now I’ve achieved my moms aim,I studied economics,titi and wura studied accounting and we came out the best.I thought twas all over that things are in control now till something happened

😊😊😊watch out for part 13

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