Beyond my control episode 2

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Beyond my control

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Beyond My Control part 2

Then the eng teacher came in asking why are you all shouting like this??? Don’t u know this is a school??? Then the teacher faced me,and you why are you standing??? I wanted to reply b4 I realised I cannuh talk the I sat down,twas very painful that am the only that cannuh talk….am not here to teach you Buh i will be ur English teacher for the session,she introduced herself *her name is Mrs Adeoye very fair and not too tall* after the introduction she left Buh my moral was gone I couldn’t do anything again I just keep shut to accept my fate,then a guy stood up and said the dumb boy stood up the other time, wat wash thinking,did he wanted to fight us,the whole class shouted I wonder ooo Buh I dinnuh talk,A thought came to me, why Is it that they are friendly with each other Buh mad with me??? A dumb boy doesn’t have a life or what??? I brought out new text book reading it,trying to be brilliant in this and other sessions… School closed,I pack my books ad started trekking Buh my sch mates were waiting for their father’s driver to come pick them.
I got home tired an hungry, my mom wasn’t at home I searched the whole house then I saw a little garri,I drank it with joy though we ain’t poor Buh we aint Dah rich.on my way to farm to go meet mama I saw a big hose and a girl was coming out from the house in short skimpy dress,then I looked at her face..OH MY GOD, twas titi,I ran to dodge her,she dinnuh see me Buh I saw her,when I got to farm my momma welcome n asked about sch,I was very sad when she mentioned about sch coz I remember about the bad day at sch,then she told me that we’re taking these fruits to a new customer’s house I nodded my head I helped her and we went home, we ate and slept…
Got to school the next day I met Mr.fatoye he crazily said
😥😥😥😥😥 watch out for part3

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