Beyond my control episode 3

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Beyond My Control part 3
Dumby come here, you can’t talk,can’t you hear again??? Don’t you know is time for assembly, I was about to express myself when the bell rang then I left him with anger and tears all over my face,Mr.fatoye was like they just ring the bell,got to the assembly ground and remember how I saw titi yesterday, though I haven’t see her today Buh have been thinking about her since yesterday event seems am falling in love with her.
Saw wuraola on the assembly ground she was like lemme talk to him now Buh she was damned scared I guessed,they carried on, singing,dancing and praying Buh I was just mute coz I couldn’t say a word,wish I can talk like others so that I can sing along with them Buh God hasn’t made me like that,we matched into our various classes,we got to class I gently moved to my seat at the back then I sat quietly,few minutes later titi came in and was feeling like a queen Buh I think am liking her.
After a while,Mr.fatoye came in to mark the register and to chux the class rep.I was very scared,I dont just want to get into problems.
Mr.fatoye greeted the class,they responded and just go straight into his task,he started calling names and they were replying present sir when he got to my name I raised my hand Buh he wasn’t looking up and he shouted Sunday!!! To make him notice I hit the table very hard and he raised his head and say thats yyy I hate a dumby in my class,he started calling me names and the whole class were laughing except wuraola she wouldn’t laugh then I bursted into tears and my eyes were swollen,I was like am gonna cry til I graduate here,no one wants to be friend.
Mr.fatoye moved to the next task,he said hell be selecting the blood cleaner,he asked the whole class who should be the board cleaner without hesitation they shouted dumby like they rehearsed it b4 now,how can I reject it in the midst of haters?? Mr.fatoye said yes he’ll be good to be a cleaner he’s tall,slim ad handsome then Mr.fatoye brought a duster and then cleaned the board,he threw it to my face and shouted dumby clean the board for me I stood up with no argument was about to clean it when I heard my name twas wuraola and she
Just getting started😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 watch out for part 4

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