Beyond my control episode 5

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Beyond my story part 5

I was totally in shocked i just hope nothing would go wrong then titi’s mom came out looking gorgeous,she welcomed us and asked us to take the fruits to the kitchen,I was spying around,trying dodging titi,we got to the kitchen she saw us and she was like what are you doing here,I know this is what a dumby could do,my mom dint say a word then we left the kitchen we were about going when titi’s mom called Us back and she entertained us,little while she asked me to go play with titi in her room I tried not to Go Buh she insisted,so I moved to her room and titi was like what are u doing here I dinnuh Ans her And I tried to sit down,she shouted me ‘if u dare sit down dere u are dead,u sit on the floor or u get out, crazy dumby,she started abusing me,calling me names I just sat down crying and thinking why she hate me this much,few minutes later my mom called me to be going I quickly clean my eyes and act like nothing was wrong, titi laughed And told me if they born you well teller them what happened you’re dead.
We got home tired since we’ve eating at titi’s place we slept coz twas late.The next day I woke up and realized my uniform is dirty and I dint have a 2nd one so I wore it like that,I got to sch late everyone was already in the class,I gently moved to my seat feeling very ashamed,they were laughing at me then titi stood up told the about yesterday they laughed and one guy stood up says that was why he 4got to wash his cloth the whole class laugh again.
We haven’t started working coz is the 1st week of resumption,I brought out my text book I was reading,I read during all the school hours and from there I think am gaining things Buh mathematics was never a good one.
Days passed,tz the 1st day of a new week our 1st subj was math our math teacher came in and introduced himself to be *Mr.ola am very wicked he said himself that he hates dull students* he started work,he taught us and I do not understand a single thing he gave us class-work,he marked it And brought out a cane,if you scored zero/one come outside, I looked around and no one stood up then I

😥😥😥watch out for part6

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