Beyond my control episode 6

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Beyond My Control part 6
I stood up,he then asked me what I scored I shaked my head and he understood, nothing,he faced the class,you see,upon all my explanations, this bastard couldn’t even get one the moment he said that I cried and he flogged me mercilessly the whole class were laughing at me except wuraola she’d not laugh she was crying along with me. Throughout that day class was like that, I keep crying,teachers hating closed for that day I got home,twas the 1st day I saw my mom at home I was like what’s wrong Buh she was very sick n weak wanted to take her to hospital Buh no money,I went to farm and make some sales I bought medicine Buh twas just d xm b4 she sleep she asked me to read a letter 2mao morning I agreed,she slept off and I was just staring at her I couldn’t sleep few hours later I slept.
I wake Up the next morning do all the necessary things that should be done Buh my mom hasn’t wake up she must be enjoying her sleep I guess,few mins later am prepared for sch,I can’t leave without her notice then I tried to wake her up,I call her name she wasn’t responding,I tried to hear her heartbeat Buh wasn’t sounding anymore then I realised am the only left,I was left behind,I cried bitterly,I wish I could die with her coz she’s the only friendly person with me,my motivator,my best friend,my teacher and my all in all,rain started falling then I remembered she ask me to read a letter.I took the letter with my eyes swollen still filled with tears,I opened the letter,it goes like this
_Dear son, I know you’d be crying when you’re reading thus but you were never observant,I was dead since yesterday Buh was using my last breath to have the best night with you,I’ve sold our farm and the money was used to pay your school fees and the remaining ones is under the mat,Is my dream for you to go to sch,you must go to school, please my son God will help you,please go to school I may be dead Buh my shadows are with you,Mrs Olawunmi agreed to adopt you,I sold my farm to her please Go to school._
I cried bitterly after reading this,then I realised this was what they were saying when they asked me to go titi’s room,my mom knew she’s gonna die today and she never told me anything but how can I cope with titi in a house? She hate me,please God help me I entered the rain dig a burial hole and buried my mom in front of her house I wish she could stand up,I vowed on her burial ground to go to school and graduate as one of the best students.I entered inside the house crying and writing wat has been happening to me as usual,I write it and go outside in the rain then slept beside my mom’s burial ground

Just getting started
😥😥😥😥😥watch out for part 7

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