Beyond my control episode 8

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Beyond my control part 8

We got there the gateman opened the gate we entered,titi saw me and her mom explained it to her,she screamed mom No,he can’t live here Buh her mom ignored her.
We entered inside and she showed me my room,I got there and lied down then titi came in without knocking and she said you,you won’t live long here I swear on my life,I’ll make sure you leave here soon then she left without closing the door.
It is late titi has cooked,we were eating when I remembered how I eat with my mom titi was just hissing she couldn’t stand eating with me on the same dining table.The next day we prepared for school the driver was ready to pick us to school,titi sat at the front and asked me to sit at the back I do as she asked,we got to school she asked me to carry her bag to class the whole class saw me with titi’s bag they shouted but I was just looking ignorantly,I dropped her bag at her seat reached my seat and wuraola was already waiting for me,she told me to sit beside her that shes gonna be my seat partner for now.She brought out the scheme of work I copied it from her and she started teaching the subject we are having which was Econs,she taught me before Mr.fatoye could come in,I was very happy about it coz I’d be escaping insults.
Mr.fatoye came in taught us and he saw wuraola and shouted,you,what are you doing there,my new seat for now she replied,Mr fatoye said what!! Dumby lover the whole class laughed then I felt ashamed for her,Mr.fatoye continue with teaching purposely throwing questions to wuraola and she was replying very correctly then he asked me a question the whole class laughed at me coz they know how dumb I am,I stood up with fear, move toward the board,collected the marker from Mr.fatoye,my hands and whole body were shaking,I looked at titi’s face she was laughing already, Mr.fatoye waiting for me to Ans the question then I looked at wuraola face she was smiling confidently,Mr.fatoye shouted dumby!!! We don’t have the whole day here,ans my question,I faced the board then
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