BRAND NEW ENTRY : 28, salvation road episode 1

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28 Salvation Road Episode 1
Wow ! Finally home , youth service was fun , had its ups and downs . The ups included the
discovering of new cultures, meeting new people and off course the girls , the downs
included the terrible foods, the weather and delay on allawee , well , like they say , it is a
service to ones nation . well , service is over and so reality sets in, one must find a way to
survive in this harsh economy , at least that is what those of us that are not very
fortunate to be born with a silver spoon should be thinking about immediately after youth
service . Having lived and schooled in owerri, I knew for a certain that my chances of
getting employed were on the low side because of lack of employment opportunities , no
companies, no infrastructures , no nothing and yet the governor keeps bragging about
how he has transformed imo state, pretender !! The only place I knew I could go to was
lagos to meet my cousin Mekus , even though he is still schooling, he seemed to be
doing well in his yahoo business , he had told me he stays with some of his friends so
am just going to beg him to let me stay with him while I job haunt , I quickly dialed his
Mekus : chuks the engineer
Me : oga how far nau , how school?
Mekus : my brother we dey push am o, you don enter owerri?
Me : yeah mehn , I just enter yesterday
Mekus : how people for villa nau
Me : mehn, I never reach villa o but they know say I don come back
Mekus : okay , so wetin dey nau
Me : guy you know say as I don finish service na to find work remain and you know say
better work no dey this owerri so I dey reason say make I enter lagos come find work
but the problem na where to stay
Mekus : wetin you mean by say the problem na where to stay ? You no fit stay with me ?
Me : guy , na wetin I dey reason be that but as you tell me say you dey stay with your
guys, me dey reason say I fit com inconvenient them and….
Mekus : chuks , my friends no be problem, anytime wey you wan come , just let me know
ahead of time so I go follow them talk
Me : thanks bro, I dey reason next week friday so I go take saturday rest and prepare
my self for my job haunting from upper mondaý
Mekus : Okay no yawa , I go tell them later in the evening when all of them return from
where them go.
Me : okay bro, I really appreciate this , God bless you
Mekus : no problem mahn , you are my family, if I no do am for you , who I go do am for ?
Me : thanks all the same, later bro……
Funmi finally came, after so many months of dating her , she finally agreed to come
know where I live , I don’ t know what ’ s with some girls when it comes to paying a guy a
visit, I don’ t know why it is so hard for them and what I really don ’ t understand is how I
managed to tolerate her , I mean its not like she is the most beautiful girl in the world but
there was something about her , what it is , I don’ t know . I remember meeting her in the
exam hall that day, I attend classes on my own days so I totally don’ t know my course
mates except for those that updates me of happenings in school, we sat on the same
seat for the exam and trust unilag lecturers and their stupid questions, its always like
they want the students to have carry overs, we were asked to answer five questions, I
already did two and half when all my crammings evaporated , I turned to my side and
saw her also looking lost,
Me : hi
Funmi : hi
Me : urhm ! Please how many have you answered?
Funmi : four
Me : four? And you are looking all lost?
Funmi : you won ’ t understand, this number one I read the topic but I don’ t know why I
forgot it
Me : did you say number one? I have done number one

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