Brand new Entry : A second chance episode 1

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The alarm rang awakening Alice who
stretched lazily on her bed. It was 6am.
She stood up and sighed.
‘Another year has passed’. She
sighed’without Benjamin by my side’.
Her phone beeped and it was her
‘Happy new year my daughter’ her mum
said immediately she picked the call
‘Thanks mum’ she reluctantly answered.
‘Your dad sends his regards you should
come over with Felix later we would
want to spend the day with our one
and only grandson my dear’ her mother
‘Okay mum I need to attend to Felix. See
you later in d evening bye.’ She said and
hung up.
She threw her phone on the bed and
If only Benjamin was alive she thought
she would have been happier taking
Felix to her parents.
She remembered the best new year
celebration of her life. The only new yr
she got to celebrate with Benjamin.
She had gone to the beach with
together with sum of his friends and
she had lots of fun.
That was the day he proposed to her
To be continued

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