Brand New Entry: Beyond my control episode 1

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Beyond my control

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Beyond My Control part 1
1st day at school, everyone feels strange coz they are new in the sch *’the name of the school is New Hope high school seems to be the best in the town of Aso tuntun,blessed with the nicest thing* so everyone was busy in the admin office trying to complete their registration to their ss1 class and their seniors are like new bae ti arrived ,everyone busy doing things except a guy standing doing nothing waiting for his mama to complete his registration, few minutes later I his momma arrived told him to prepare for class that she has completed her registration Buh to her momma surprise the guy busted into tears,what’s wrong my dear! Her momma asked, while I was here a man came to ask me some questions I was trying to reply him by writing it down for him then he slapped me and abused me,he wrote it down for his momma,her momma was speechless and then he faced the sky thinking oh lord! Why me! Why have you created me like this,they mock me coz I can’t talk,they abuse me coz I’m not brilliant and momma wants me to go to school(he was crying bitterly) then his momma call his name Sunday, pls dont have a bad thought I know what you’re thinking And how you’re feeling like don’t be sad God will help us,his mom wipe his tears and asked him to go to class.
He got to class he met the man that harassed him,he was surprise and sad then the man shouted Jesus!!! A dumb boy in my class,the whole class laughed Buh only a girl wasn’t laughing *her name is wuraola,a shytype Buh very brilliant and simple*..then the man asked me to sit down *his name is Mr.fatoye our class-teacher and economics teacher,very wicked and abusive*.I sat beside a girl *her name is titi,she’s very arrogant,not friendly,she’s the richest of our time*..titi yelled at me don’t sit here,I don’t sit with dumb people like uuu the whole class laughed again,tears was falling from my face and I found a sit at the back,only me sits there wuraola felt pity for me Buh I dinnuh notice her I just believe everyone hates me and wuraola can’t come to show her sympathy for me…Mr.fatoye left the class and then I brought a paper and wrote down my 1st experience in class with richer people with tears in my eyes..I started thinking if my father was alive I’d not av being like this I guess,people were mocking me, with anger I stood up then

😥😥watch out for part 2

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