BRAND NEW ENTRY : My Adventures in school (18+) episode 1

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.. episode 1.

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. uhh arrh pls F**k me” i want you to feel it deep inside me, hitting my cervix, slipping inside my uterus and filling it with cum!” that was the voice of my english teacher who i have been admiring..immediately i inserted my dragon into her and began pounding with no mercy. in the next 20minutes i felt my cum building up. as i shot my first load immediately i received a tap on my back and it was my mum she was angry with me for not getting to school by that time she was just annoying but as a good boy which i am i just kept quiet but as i was busy preparing for school i was not too strong cause of the reading i read in the night. which i later slept around…i just rushed my breakfast and put on my uniform which i have neatly ironed during the weekend and dashed out to school which my school is just a strone throw from my house infact we share thesame fence less i forget my name is benjamin onyia. but people call me professor because i am intelligent and am quiet. i am 7feet tall with a very nice hair style that always make me look handsome though am not the most handsome boy in my class but because of my quietness i always get the attention of girls but though they see me as a good boy which i am partially. my adventure begun when i was in jss3 during my junior waec.but let me not stress you about myself further but i will be explaining it as we go on…


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