Brand new entry: My Love is real. Episode 1

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written by samriz no part of this stories should be recopied.

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episode 1
my first day at the higher institution was a day to remember I was happy cause finally I got the admission despite all the challenges.

first lecture
student: good morning sir
lecturer: morning I hope u guys had a lovely night?
student: yes sir
lecturer: OK let me start my introducing my self. am mr: smart and I would be taken u guys SOCIOLOGY. HERE ARE THE LESSON OUTLINE if any of you need it, it cost #350

most of the students purchase it including me.
lecturer: have a lovely day and I will encourage you all to read hard OK?
student: yes sir
lecturer leave some where making noise and some where busy going through the outline.
I saw a girl busy looking here and there asif looking for something.
me: hi
girl: hello
me : seems you lost something
girl: yeah I lost the key to my room
we search for sometime finally I saw it behind the chair in her front
me: I found it
girl : are u serious?
me: sure have it
Girl: thank a lot
me: your are welcome
girl: OK
me: am Samuel
girl: am precious
me: wow you got a cool name
girl :blushing
me : nice meeting you (offering my hand for a handshake)
girl: it my pleasure
me: will u mind giving me your digit
girl: pardon
me: meant your number
girl: um OK 08145270876 (whatsapp me for more stories on my group)
me: OK thanks
girl : I have to get going
me : same which way
she show me the way good we where going the same way
we walk talk more I expected her follow the other side but realized she didn’t
finally we arrive home.
I was surprised cause I never knew we lived in the same compound.
we became good friends.
one day I decided to take her out.
we enjoy our self then I asked if we can be lovers. she accepted happily
within me I was happy cause that was actually the first time I had a lover the other ones where just girlfriends. (guys u know what I mean na)
one day I invited her over
she came with her food after we where Don with the eating I inserted a film in my laptop.
men the film was full of romance after watching the first part she ask for the second I told her it was late already.
girl: I swear h no feet
me: come over tomorrow so we can continue
girl: no know or I will strangle u here.  (that kind play no.)
me: u no feet am
she jumped on me playfully I then turned her over
me: show you power na abi u Don quite
girl: no for girl  u wan show power abi?
she kicked me on my pen***
I look at her for sometime then started kissing her which she replied.

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Spread the love, please share with friends after reading

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