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Poor but rich story
this story is 100% fiction
the story of tolulope also known as lowkey, whose school mates and class mates thought he was a poor boy, unknown to them that he is the son of the popular business man in the city.
since all his class mates did not like him, because he is poor, did he get to have any friends?
what was their reaction when they all get to realise he is the most richest boy in school?
stay back and enjoy this captivating, romantic, educational, and funny story……

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at 6:00am in the morning, I woke up to my mum’s voice, calling me to get ready for school, I was very happy that am going to start a new life afresh at a new school.
I stood up, went to the bathroom, brush my teeth, quickly took my shower, get dressed and prepared for school.
at 7:00am, I took my bag, went straight to the sitting room, I saw my dad and my mum discussing some issues, about dad’s next business trip to China, I greeted them, collect t-fare, and dash out of my parent’s mansion, sorry let me introduce myself to you guys.
my name is owoeye tolulope, also known as lowkey, I was the last born-son and the last born of mike and kemi owoeye, I have one elder brother whose name is tunji, he is the one managing dad’s company at United Kingdom, and two sisters, Tope and tobiloba who are both studying abroad, I am the only child left living with my parent, we are living in a remote area, probably a village, not more than 10 mins drive to the city of ogbomoso, in oyo state, back then, I never stop wondering why my dad have to build this exotic mansion in such a village, the only reasonable answer I got is that he want a very calm and quiet environment, I also like the environment, but the only problem I got is that I have no friend, and am not yet ready to have one(but wait is that a problem?) I board a taxi and went straight to the school, it’s 15minutes drive, I jump down in front of the school gate and guess what I saw………
I saw a very pretty, beautiful, handsome, attractive, lovely, good-looking, gorgeous……….(oh my God) angel or let’s say lady stand in my front, the thought of asking her out flash into my head immediately, I was lost in thought, and voice of the cab man asking for his money quickly brought me back to reality, I paid the cab man, and he drove off…
I said to myself, tolu this girl is not going to make you break your vow of not having friends, then I said to myself aloud, is that so? we shall see…
girl: what?
me: nothing, just talking to myself
girl: really?
Me: yeah
girl: you are new here?
Me: yes
Girl: okay, my name is temmy, welcome to smith high school
me: thanks…
temmy: can we be friends?
I quickly taught for a while and reply her
me: no
temmy: what?
then I saw some group of boys in the same uniform I was wearing,the look on their face is scary, I did a quick census or let me say head count, and they were 12 in number, omoh, I started panicking when I saw them eyeing me and coming to my direction………I nearly ran for my life


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