Brand New Entry : Tales of cynthia season 3 episode 1

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Season 3 episode 1
What do you mean I caused it, tell me the person,
Kola: let Cynthia come, she will soon be here, but guy, Cynthia can’t take you to anywhere, only God can take you to somewhere,
He sat down, pressing his phone, not long after, Cynthia entered, she looked tired, she sat on the chair, looking at me, kola stopped pressing his phone, I was looking at them, confused,
Me: guys talk now,
Cynthia: Daniel you know I warned you concerning this girl, I told you not to try her, now see what you caused,
Me: who
Cynthia: Benita now, she was the one behind all the rubbish going on, imagine, she had an informant in the company, that’s what I didn’t know bayi, it was the informant that recorded the video.
Me: how do you know?
Kola: when we got there, we’ve went there ahead of you, in other to know the person, so we hide(he paused) we saw you when you brought the money, after you drop it, we saw Benita and 1 guy, moving towards the money, and I didn’t know that Cynthia has already informed one of chief’s body guard, so that one shot the guy in the leg, he fell, Benita ran, but he caught her, we rushed to the guy, so both of them are in one apartment not far from Cynthia’s place,
Me: thank God
Cynthia: but
Me: (I interrupted) but what again
Cynthia: she said they were 3 imagine, so the reaming one will be expecting them,
Me: how are we going to catch the remaining 1 bai
Kola: are you asking me?
Cynthia: Daniel you are something else, but I warned you now, I don’t like all this, my baby will be crying bai, I don’t like it jare, if not because of the video, I won’t do as if am concerned
Kola: you better change
Me: re you guys okay sef? (Head spark, they looked me in a surprised way, I faced kola) didn’t I ask you before I did it then, what did you say? You talk say make I bleep them all, do you remember? So why blaming me now, if you know you can’t help, just tell me and leave me to my problem, I can handle, God will lead me and as for you Cynthia, who brought Omolara , were you not the one, who embarrassed the girl, or who forced me inside the office that day, or what are you saying(head spark continue) I have nothing to lose, but you do, I can run away and start a new life somewhere else, and the two of you are blaming me
I walked out on them, I went into the bedroom

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To be continued….

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