BRAND NEW ENTRY : The fatal crush episode 1

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Episode 1

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story written by saint kash..

Email :

Phone no.: 08168203949


** This story is a mixture of little true life experience with more of imaginary work***a story of  love,romance ,friendship and betrayal



I have always thought my mum was the only earthly loving angels that have ever came across till the very day I met Cyndy.

ever since I set my eyes on her, I believe the love at first sight principle that happens in love movies do exist for real..(I know few who are victims can bear me witness). it never for once came to my mind that I will one day fall victim in the line system of love coz av always seen love for opposite sex as being pathetic and this belief get me going (macho lifestyle). not knowing an angel still await me but was she truly an angel of blessing or a lesson…sit back and enjoy my little tales and experience of love.


my name is Kunle, am from a family of four,two boys. me being d first child and my brother wale being second. am 16 while brother is 15 but in the same class (s.s.1). we look almost alike in terms of our physical features as in height,complexion and facial features( he was more handsome and in terms of swaggz) but in terms of character we were so so different as I was the gentle,shy and simple guy while brother was a bit kind of opposite. but in terms of education we were both brilliant though in different field( I was science ,he was commercial).

To be continued…. 


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