Brand New : Fausa Eleja season 6 episode 1

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My meeting again with fausa in the hospital brought a very solemn solecism to my life……………..
@what should I do??????? Should I call a police to arrest this woman inorder to get her husband threatened???????????? Or I should ask for the remaining balance they owed me before they ran away???????? But what brought this woman to this hospital at first???????? Is her husband had an accident?????was he admitted here?????? Is it one of her children?????????? Or Is she pregnant and come for antinatal?????? Ooooohhh it might be one of her neighbors she came to visit here…………..but why those colors on her face????? Her face was too reddish, so it must be someone very closed to her……………..or is it her mummy?????? Is it her daddy????????@

‘I was on this thought sitting beside her at the reception of the hospital for some minutes before I came back alive for questioning'”

Me: Fausa this is your face??????? But it shouldn’t be you

Fausa: what are you talking about???????

Me: because I gave you time to pay me the rest of the money, you then decided to leave the area and disappeared to unknown location

Fausa: not what you think?

Me: what did you think I am thinking??? And what was it that happened????

Fausa: alabi mi, its a long story……

Me: long story???????? What about your husband and children???????

Fausa: We will talk better about that alabi………what are you doing here and how are your family?????(Your wife and your children)

Me: (gan gan hun) I ….. I am fine, sorry they were all fine………..

Fausa: what are you doing in this hospital????????

Me: I brought a friend of mine who was sick…….what about you???????

Fausa: I received a call this morning that my daughter was admitted in this hospital, that’s why I am here…..

Me: heyah, what ward was she?

Fausa: I don’t even know but……….

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Spread the love, please share with friends after reading

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