Brand new : LARABA. Prologue

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LARABA is romance story that revolved around two main characters who belonged to opposing groups. The Lamiae who were the vampires and the Larabas who sought to protect the werewolves. Jamal who was a medical practitioner became the last hope of The Lamiae (The Vampires) while Tamarah who was an office assistance in “The Laraba’s Castle” also became the last hope of the Larabas (Her fellow Werewolves) Through some circumstances, Jamal and Tamar crossed path and fell in love with each other. And even, little did Tamar know Jamal was actually her childhood bestfriend “Khalid Kenz” whom she thought was long dead. When Jamal and Tamar finally met and fell in love. SOMETHING HAD TO TEAR THEM APART. SOMETHING THAT JAMAL COULD NOT ACCEPT.

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