Brand new: Let the guns speak

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Let the gun speak

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LET THE GUNS SPEAK [Episode 1] The Present
Location: Lagos Island, Lagos State
Date: January 27, 2017
Time: 1133Hrs, GMT
The day had broken clear many hours ago, the immortal sun was bright and hot, but the breeze still managed to wash the air. A few small clouds, much like the little scoops of vanilla ice-cream usually sold by young men on wailing bicycles, endeavoured to drift lazily across the blanketing blue firmament above. Sometimes, the roaming clouds would desultorily travel across the face of the sun, and the world below would enjoy a few respite of coolness before the heat would descend once more to torment everything that slithered, crawled, walked, flew or germinated. It was this kind of heat that usually put dealers in umbrellas and sombreros in business. And it was under this scorching element that the strange young man was running for his life.




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