Brand New: My trip to Abuja and Zaria. Episode 1

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“Dindy Dindy wake up, go and bath, the time is 3.20am”, said my elder sister tapping me on my medium size head.
I got up with a lazy eyes and walked from my room to the bath room.
Let me tell you what brought about the early morning movement. My name is Dindy, which you already know, I’m a nerd (kinda) and I like cartoons. –ok I think I’m going to deep in that part, let me go back a little.–
Days ago, I got a message from Zaria college, to come write an entrance examination, which I had been waiting for (for months ago). When I saw the message that day, I was happy because I was going to travel alone and experience the world more on my own.
The day I got the message was a monday and I was to be there on Tuesday of the following week, which was too soon.
I had to take an excuse from work and properly arrange all I needed to travel. I also used the few days I had to study really hard, using past questions and text books to refresh my memory.
My dad told me that, I would leave on Sunday morning to Abuja first, then I would goto zaria. It was going to be a very stressful thing, but I had no choice because I was going to give my uncle something, who lived in Maraba, Abuja.
At that time I was writing the story ‘ANGELS”, which most of you have read. I had little doubts within me, whether I would fit with the sort of people over there. I won’t lie, I feared alot, each time I opened a book to read, I thought to myself “I have to really really read this, I have to pass this examination”.
I never for once let the fear eat me up, to the extent that I won’t read, instead I used the fear to read more and more.
Saturday came and I had to go to buy some stuffs I need for the examination (calculator, pen, pencil….) and also book a ticket. My elder sis (Chioma, who I love so much), was going to accompany me.
Later in the afternoon, we prepared and left for shopping in iyanaiba market. –Won’t lie, that place is one hustling and bubbling place with cars, buses, and bikes everywhere.–
When we got there, we decided to first book a ticket for my trip to Abuja, so we entered another bus which took us to mile 2, where “THE YOUNG SHALL GROW” park was –I totally like them–.
After passing the rough and bad roads, we finally got to the place where the park was, it took I and my elder sis a little time, to find out where their main park was.
When we finally did, we were relied. I luckily got a spot in the first bus, which was leaving very early the next morning. We did all the things we ought to do and left the park.
We went to the market and got all I needed to travel the next day –That place is one busy land, with both human and spirit walking everywhere–.
Later that evening, my big naughty bro (Ugonna) and one of my Aunty (Chibuzor) came back from work.
After eating night food (dinner), my elder sis and Aunty (Chibuzor) came to our room to chill with us.
The main reason why they came to our room, was not only to chill with us, but also to ask I and my big bro to share our data with them –Free wifi things–. My big bro was using a BB Q10, so his sub was 1000 naira for 3GB (on Airtel).
He shared his data with them, but I didn’t because my phone was a killer of data (Microsoft). They mocked me for it, but I didn’t care.
We all stayed awake for hours until 12:00 am, then they slept off in our room. Somehow I didn’t feel sleepy, I couldn’t sleep and I had no idea what caused it.
I finally managed to sleep by 1:20am, having only few hours to sleep before my long trip to Abuja….

.to be continued……

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