BRAND NEW: The police and the hacker boy season 2, episode one

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The Police Man And The Hacker Boy SEASON2
By Al-amin dino
Police man: are you sure of all what you told me?
Me: yes, I even have a copy of the recording saved in a folder in my laptop Police man: can you bring your laptop to the station
Me: that won’t be a problem, I will bring it to the station first thing tomorrow morning Police man: okay. Don’t worry everything is going to be resolved Me: thank you officer. I stood and left. When I got to my house, as I was entering inside some gangs came from my back and pushed me inside my house asking for my laptop. I was beating severely until I had no other option but to tell them where the laptop was. My laptop was broken in my presence and was taken away. I felt like killing myself, I couldn’t bear the pain. I knew Alhaji sale had a connection with the police man I reported the case to. I was so angry and tired of life. I received a call from Alhaji sale
Alhaji sale: (laughing) why are you suffering yourself? If I wanted you dead, you would’ve been dead by now, It’s just that I like you a lot
Me: I will die when my time comes
Alhaji sale: I have told you, come and work with me and live a good life Me: I am not interested
Alhaji sale: this is the last warning I am giving to you if you don’t come, consider yourself dead Me: [ended the call] ‘’Nigeria is so corrupt, I think I will just join Alhaji sale in any business he is into so far it is going to give me a rest of mind” I thought to myself. I called back Alhaji sale.
Alhaji sale: hello
Me: I called you to let you know that I have made up my mind to join you in any type of business you are into, whether good or bad
Alhaji sale: [laughed] I knew in time you will surely come back to me smart boy. Come to my house tomorrow morning by 10
Me: okay. The next day morning by 10 o clock a.m, I went to Alhaji sale’s house Alhaji sale: welcome, have your sit. I don’t trust you dino Me: [in an angry tone] Alhaji sale! I am sick and tired of all the beatings and everything. Just give me a job.
Alhaji sale: okay, you will be working with don, But I won’t give you full details about the business until you become trustworthy
Me: so don has been working with you?
Alhaji sale: no, you are going to make him work with me Me: how?
Alhaji sale: anyhow, just talk to him
Me: okay, where is he now?
Alhaji sale: I am going to set him free when you go for a mission?
Me: what mission? I am ready for anything
Alhaji sale: [laughed} I will talk to your boss, you are going to resume back as a police officer Me: what for?
Alhaji sale: don’t ask me silly questions, just do as you are told Me: okay, when am I resuming?
Alhaji sale: you are resuming back on Monday, but make sure you don’t tell your boss anything about what we discussed he doesn’t know anything about my business Me: okay, that won’t be a problem. So what is the mission I am embarking on?
Alhaji sale: going back to be a police officer is the mission Me: hmmmm, just that?
Alhaji sale: yes
Me: okay, I will take my leave now
Alhaji sale: don will be coming to your house on Monday evening, make sure you talk to him as planned
Me: okay, hope the business doesn’t involve killing anybody?
Alhaji sale: not really, it’s a clean business
Me: okay. I left Alhaji sale’s house with some thoughts. I resumed to work on Monday morning, I wasn’t too happy because I am not longer interested in being a police man. I had no other option but to resume. When I got home, I saw done outside waiting for me.
Don: dino!! I am very disappointed in you, I heard the conversation that ensued between you and Alhaji sale, don’t even think of talking to me to join you, because I will never join Alhaji sale in his business. Good bye
Me: if I had not agreed to join him do you think you will be here?
Don: are you really going to join him?
Me: the only way to destroy Alhaji sale is to join him. Just agree to join him let us know who he really is
Don: what if we get caught and arrested?
Me: don’t worry, let’s just work with brain
Don: okay, so what’s next?
Me: I am going to call him now
I called Alhaji sale and told him that don is now included in the business.
Alhaji sale: that’s good. I want to see the both of you tomorrow in my house Me: okay. Alhaji sale why did you ask me to resume back as a police officer?
Alhaji sale: don’t worry, I’ll tell you when the time comes Me: ok
I asked don to come to my house and spend the night, but he refused saying he wants to go home, I had to see him off to the bus stop. On my way home, I received a call from Maryam
Maryam: hello Al-amin, I know you’ve forgotten about me Me: why will I forget about you?
Maryam: you don’t call me why?
Me: you won’t understand
Maryam: okay bye, I don’t want to understand
Me: come Maryam, why are you always hot tempered
Maryam: why won’t I be hot tempered? For some weeks now you never bothered to call me and you claim to love me. You don’t love me anymore Al-amin Me: Maryam
Maryam: what?

Me: when you said I don’t love you, I felt somehow. Come on Maryam! Why will you say I don’t love you?
Maryam: why won’t I say so?
Me: okay, I am sorry. When will you be coming back to Nigeria?
Maryam: I don’t know
Me: you don’t know?
Maryam: yes I don’t know
Me: don’t tell me you are still angry
Maryam: I don’t know
Me: {laughed} if you don’t tell me when you’re coming back I will die o Maryam: {laughed} I don’t care, since you don’t love me anymore I don’t care about you Me: come on, you know I can’t stop loving you. Just tell me when you will be coming back please before my heart knocks like an engine

<<<<<< To Be continued  next week>>>>>>>>
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