Confession of a funaab yahoo boy episode 3

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The next week came and was about to submit my assignment to my HOC when I met the guy that copied my work the previous week. “Baba I don dey find you since,” he said to me. “Find me keh! Shey you wan arrest me?” I asked. He said he was looking for me to also copy my answers for the current assignment I had done. I laughed and told him I haven’t done it but will soon do it. He asked for my number and I told him my phone was stolen and I was yet to recover my sim card. He said his name was Uchenna. I told him mine. Well, he said he was going somewhere that he would come and check on me at that place. Immediately he left, I did the assignment. He came back some minutes later and did the usual “Copy and paste” too. He thanked me and left.
When I got back home to my empty room. I met some people in the room. I guessed they came to check out the room. I asked them and they said they indeed are checking out the room before making payments. Na so I come dey fear. “I had prayed and fasted for people not to pack into the room for the main time so as to give me opportunity to stay. But it seemed my prayers were far from answer.” According to the guy I met, if things works out, he would pay and move in the next week. “The accommodation had giving me too many worries, coupled that I have no money. Adaobi had been the one feeding me. Sometimes bola would give me N10 for my mancot transport to school.”
As I was busy thinking all that. I went outside and saw Uchenna passing by. He asked if that was the place I was staying. And I told him “yes,” He asked if I had done the new assignment given to us that day. I tell am say I never do am. Perhaps na typing work and I don’t have money, and the submission date was still a bit far. “But you know the procedures wella?” uchenna asked. “Ofcourse” I told him I knew it. He said he would come to see me the next day which was a Saturday.
The next day. Uchenna came, he met me outside. Na so the guy land my house with one guy like that. He and the guy was just teasing themselves. He was calling the guy Warri idol. Uchenna was hailing me. He was telling the guy that i am very intelligent. “This guy know book die. Na book full him head,” uchenna said referring to me. I laughed. Immediately they entered the empty room, “Chaaiii, na dis place you dey stay?” the other guy asked. “Yes ooo,” I replied. They thought I was just joking as they laughed. They cracked joke about it as they brought out their laptops from their bags. “Chaiii, these ones get lappy. Ordinary phone sef I no get,” I thought to myself. Both of them were funny guys. And I got to know the other guys name was Abisoko. Na im make Uchenna dey call am warri idol because he’s from Delta state. We did the assignment together. After about 4 hours at my place, when they were leaving, I decided to follow them to their house which was close to the school gate.
When we got there, it was a family house with 2 big rooms and a large parlour. Na there uchenna tell me say him mama na from Ogun state and his dad was from Arochukwu in Abia state. So the house he was staying was his late grandfather’s house(man that gave birth to his mother). So he no dey pay house rent. He stays in one room while Abisoko stays in the other room. Na only Abisoko dey pay for rent. Immediately, part of me asked me to tell him if he could help so I could come and squat with them. Another part of me said I shouldn’t, that I should just be calm and exercise patience. The other part of me that asked me to voice out my problems was like, “Gbadebo! You are a fool oo. You will soon die in silence and timidity. Tell this people you are looking for accommodation now so if they can help out.” I am a kind of person that likes observing people before moving close to them. I try to be careful. “But it looked as if two people in me were arguing and fighting, either for me to speak out or shut up.” Something in me said I shouldn’t be afraid, that this is school life and nothing was going to happen.
I obeyed my other voice that said I should keep calm. I stayed in their house and even slept off. When I woke up, it was some minutes past 10pm. The generator was on and uchenna and Abisoko were watching film with their various laptops. I told them I was going, they told me it was very late and I can’t find any car going to camp. They asked me to stay back and go the next morning. They even made me feel comfortable as they offered me food. Jellof rice and egg. Chaiii, and I dey terribly hungry. Na so I chop the thing oooo. As I dey chop the rice, something in me started talking. “You see wetin I tell you, this guys are nice people. They will not harm you. Them even give you food chop. Tell them and they would allow stay.” I kept calm and continued eating. Another thought sprang up and told me not to tell them.

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The next morning, I opened up to Uchenna all I was going through concerning my accommodation. Infact, he told me that I was most highly welcome into the house. Abisoko said I can stay in any of the rooms. Either in Uchenna’s own or his. Chaiiii, na so I happy ooooo come go camp. When I got to camp, I found my bag and clothes outside.

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