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Two weeks to my academic exam for my second semester extra year. I was gradually preparing even though it wasn’t easy for me. I went for a church program a female friend invited me. “Everything come be ‘try your luck.’ I was just trying and believing for a miracle.” I went with her and after the program I went to meet the invited pastor that came to program. It was my female friend that suggested I did. The Pastor said that God can heal my mom and our lives, bringing peace into our home. He said I should sow a seed of N50,000. “Kaiii, were I wan come get that kind money!” I thought to myself. Wetin remain for my hand na N45,000 and my mom’s account was N202,000. “Indeed the pastor was a good orator in trying to convince me to sow a seed.” “A seed that can move mountain and move Almighty God.” Na so I tell the man of God say I no get that kind money. “Then you don’t want God to heal your mom and prosper you,” the man of God said in response to what I told him that I didn’t have money. “Man of God sef dey para.” He said infact, that as he is looking at me, that he was seeing dangers around me. That infact demons accompanied me to the church that day and they want to kill my mom. And if they succeed, I will be the next. As the man dey talk, I come dey fear. He said even if I don’t have, I should go and borrow. Na so I go ATM go withdraw from my mama account come give pastor. He asked me to kneel down which I did, and he prayed for me. He said I should watch what would happen in the next 21 days. I was expectant to see what will happen and the numbers of people that are my enemies that will die in my family.
Few days later, mom was in pains, serious one that we went to the hospital. She was admitted to the hospital. She told me that she can’t bear it any longer and she was ready for her leg to be amputated. I began crying. She cried too. I never wished for that. I hoped and believed for a miracle but was yet to experience it. She had giving up. I told her to still exercise some more patience that God can still do it. But she said, if God had wanted to do it, He would have done it rather than her experiencing pains. After a week of begging and pleading with her for more patience. She refused. Her mind was made up. “The doctors were on her side, saying that the infection was spreading massively and if we didn’t do anything fast, it would take over her body.” I finally yielded to my mom. We were referred to a private hospital in Lagos were we went and they billed us N220,000 for surgery, drugs and bed space. She would remain there for 2 weeks after the surgery before being discharged.
Na so I go borrow money add to the one we get. We went to Lagos for the surgery. I had already forgotten about my exams. I hoped to write it the next year since I passed the two for the first semester. So na two for the second semester remain which I hope to do the next year.
Few days later, my mom was scheduled for the surgery. I had emptied our (my mom and i) account, borrowed some money to pay for the surgery. I even advised my mom to put up her shop for sale in which she agreed and did.
The day of the surgery came. They took my mom to the theatre room by 10pm. I and the housekeeper waited for 3 hours. Sleep don already carry me for the chair wey I sit down. When a nurse tapped me and said the Doctor wants to see me. Na so i follow her go Doctor office and she excused us. The doctor asked me to sit and I did. He asked me how old I was and I told him. He began asking me about my dad. For about 30 minutes we were just having a friendly chat as if we had known each other for a long time, until the discussion shifted to my mom’s issue. I started noticing the way he was sounding which I didn’t like. Na there the doctor come dey tell me say they didn’t complete the process of the surgery. And I asked why. He said during the course of the process, my mom died. “Chaiiii.” It looked as if I didn’t hear what the doctor said very well. “Doctor, you said she’s dead?” I asked to confirm what I heard. He stood up to calm me down, confirming it as he said mom was indeed dead. Na so I run comot for the office like mad man. The house keeper saw the way I was behaving as I ran to the place. She already knew that something was wrong. Na so security just come hold me. I was so devastated as I cried. I couldn’t hold myself as tears flowed. I was taken to her bed. According to the doctor, he said they had already started the operation, but midway, they discovered my mom wasn’t breathing. And they had no choice that to stop the entire operation. “She was gone from the face of the earth.” For hours I couldn’t get hold of myself. I cried heavily like a baby.
I called my aunty in Ofa to tell her what had happened. I also informed some of my mom’s friends and other relatives. I made arrangements and brought her body to a mortuary in a hospital in Ilorin. Na there another problem start.

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