Confession of a funaab yahoo boy episode 33

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When I got to the house, some of my mom’s uncles and aunties were waiting at the entrance of our house. Everywhere was moody. Even the tenants wept bitterly. Some of my uncles I didn’t even know neither have I seen them. They began querying me for daring to bring my mom’s corpse from Lagos. They said I should have waited for them to take decision before anything I do. They said I don’t have right to do that. I just ignored them. “Visitors were coming in and out of the compound.” Me no send any body. Mourning mood was activate.
The next day, one of my uncles called a meeting on burial arrangements of my mom. That was where he dropped a bombshell. He said that I should pack out of the house. “Which house?” I said to him. The house he built or his children built for him!’ “The house I suffered to build” He said I should move out that the family would inherit it. “I guessed he was high on paracetamol,” I thought to myself because he was complaining of slight headache before he started his speech. I even saw him taking paracetamol. Na the paracetamol dey make am high wey he say make I leave my house.
I laughed and told him that I wasn’t leaving the house. Even my aunty in Ofa was also supporting him. The whole family was on his side. Infact “I believed they had met secretly, ganged up. ‘For Christ sake, how can you chase someone out of his house.’ The one wey pain me pass be say dem say, my mom won’t be buried unless I allow them to decide and dictate what happens. “See me see wahala ooo.” ‘This people wey no dey wey me and my mama dey suffer, they just want to cut me off everything and be the ones to say what goes about the burial.’ Then I realize what one of the pastors we visited before my mom’s death had said to me. “That our enemies are within our family and they were seriously planning to kill my mom and come for me.” And I won’t allow that,’ I thought to myself.
The one wey vex me pass be say them fix date for burial come fix am for the next two month. So make corpse still dey mortuary! Then who will pay! I refused it.
One week pass, two weeks and the dragging continued. If I had the power, I would have just done it my own way but so many people advised me that I can’t just bury my mom like that without the consent of her family. After all I tried to convince them. Dem no gree.
As time went on, I had to allow my mom’s relatives to have their way in the burial of my mom. I didn’t even know how they got the money to pay for mortuary. I had to just humble myself and took insults just for my mom to be buried in peace.
A day after the burial of my mom, I just finished seeing off some visitors. When I returned to the house. I went to my room and everywhere looked scattered as if someone entered the place. Though my mom’s relatives are in the house but I don’t allow any of them to come to my room. “The last time I checked, when I was leaving to see off some visitors, I thought I locked the room.” Na so I go my bed locker were I dey keep my important files and discovered my international passport, the house document was no longer there. Na so I begin look for those things. I asked people in the house if they entered my room. Because I don’t trust any of my mom’s relatives. They all denied having anything to do with my room. “Na who come enter my room go take am?” Because I could remember, that locker was where I kept all those documents immediately after my mom’s death. “I didn’t know what to do. My late mom’s shop that was put on sale, no reasonable amount has been placed on it by buyers. Business don fall. The place had been locked. Some things inside the shop don dey spoil sef. I just needed some money to bring back my business.” The only money I had on me was N7,000. All the tenants, there rents were yet to be due.
Some days later, I noticed that all the family members that came for my mom’s burial none of them were leaving. All the 11 old men and women, plus their children, none of them wants to leave. Earlier, I had asked when they would leave but they were telling me “soon.” Soon no dey reach? It had been over 2 weeks since after the burial of my mom and yet dem no wan find their way go. The two bags of rice wey dey house don finish. Food dey burn and they still want to stay. I reminded them again and one of them said he and his family were not leaving. They were staying put in that house permanently. Na there I know say dem don craze. Na so I begin para ooo come dey hala for them say na weekend I give them make them leave the house. One of the women laughed at me. She said I can’t do anything, and I can’t do more than a dead rat. I still maintained on my words that if they didn’t leave by weekend, I would deal with them.

After the threats, that night, I started having dreams of masquerades chasing me with cutlass. Before I knew what was happening, I started having strange headaches. Couple of friends asked me to leave the house for the main time, but I refused. Still, after the weekend deadline passed that my late mom’s relative should leave, the family members stayed put. One of them went ahead to even bring police to arrest me, claiming that I was an outcast. It took couple of friends to bail me out after series of negotiations. “All these for the house wey I build ooo.” One of my friend’s dad who came to bail me queried the police for arresting me instead of the family members. The police officials said, that I didn’t report first, that it was because the family members reported the issue first so they had to arrest me

<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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