Confession of a funaab yahoo boy episode 34

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After the bail, after spending 2 days in police cell, I returned to the house. My house was locked from inside. I hit the door countlessly for anyone inside to open but still no one came forward. But I presumed that people were inside the house. The way I was shouting and ranting, 2 tenants came out of their houses. “They were aware of what had been going on in our house.” The tenants suggested I should go call the police. One of them even followed me to the police station. Na so we call police come compound come arrest them (the family members). Na one knock the police officers knock wey the family members open door by force. I was happy that the police would help me get those people out of my house. Na so those people lie say na dem get house. That the house was built by their great great grand parents who gave it to them. “What a rubbish lie.” The police said they were not going to do much on the matter. Since it was a family matter, we should resolve it. They said they were not ready to chase anybody out, and we should resolve the whole issue. The police officers said I claimed that my mom built the house, that I should bring out the certificates. “Chaiiii, na there I tell them say dem(the family members) don steal the thing.” Na so officers burst laugh as if I was a coward. They said I have no prove of the ownership of the house. As we were still arguing, it looked as if something crawled through my head. I began feeling an abnormal strange headache. I was rushed to the hospital and was admitted. Na so dem put drip for my body. Days past and still in the hospital. Each nights I keep having strange dreams of my mom telling me to leave the house for them. “Gbadebo, fi-le funwa,” she would scream at me in the dream to leave the house for them.
Finally, I felt in my heart to leave the house and move to a friend’s own. The day I had that feeling of moving leaving the house and moving to a friend’s place, the strange headache stopped, I was discharged after 6 days and nights in the hospital. None of the family members came over to see me. It was friends and tenants that took care of me in my condition. The remaining house keeper had tried so well. I asked her to go back to her guardian, since the woman, my mom was dead. We no longer needed her services. And I didn’t want to endanger her life by allowing her stay with my mom’s relatives at the house. I asked her to go and she did.
2 days later, I got a call from the landlord of the shopping complex where my mom had her shop. They said they had been trying my number for days and it was not going through. They said I should come and move her remaining things out of the place because the rent was due. I told them that I would come, that they should exercise patience. I was making arrangements if I could get someone that will take the properties at cheaper prices.
After two weeks, I had finally gotten someone who said she wants to buy up the properties in my late mom’s shop. The woman called me while I went to meet her at her place. From there we went to the shop and met the shock of my life. The shop had already been taken by someone else. While properties inside were packed outside. Rain sef don beat the properties, clothes, chairs and other things. The thing pain me reach bone. I had to call the owner of the complex. She said it wasn’t her fault that they had already informed me but I refused to come pick up the stuffs so they had to pack them outside for the new occupier to move in. The interested buyer wasn’t pleased with some of the things she saw. After a targeted price I had placed on my mind. Na there price change oo because rain don spoil some of the things like provisions and eatable stuffs. The woman selected some few things she could. She come give me N100,000. I rejected it because what she took was way up to N1m and was giving me N100,000. She was saying that she doesn’t even need them, only that she just pitied me. She was even encouraging me to take the money because even if I didn’t, those things will stay there and rot away. I saw some sense in what she was saying. But what she was offering me was way too low, “peanut.” My friend I came there with took me to a corner to advise me. He said I should ask the woman to just add small money on the N100,000. He said that if I refuse to give it to the woman, I may not see any other person that will buy the goods again. “Goods wey the former owner die.” “Naija wey we get funny superstitious believe.” I heeded to my friend’s advice and asked the woman to add some money on top of the N100,000 she offered considering that we didn’t even have reasonable stuffs inside the shop before my mom died. “My mom sef didn’t go to market for a period of 4 months before she died. Our shop was even getting empty sef then.” At first when I told the buyer to add more money to the one she offered, she refused but later added N5,000 to the N100,000. I collected it and went my way.

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