Confession of a funaab yahoo boy. Episode 36

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I was just sitting on my own when the man of God came to me and shouted my name, “you Gbadebo Alaba,” as if we had met before. He spoke in Yoruba. I just dey look the man. He didn’t only mentioned my name but also called my matriculation number. He asked if he was right about my matriculation number. Na so I dey struggle to answer “yes.” Because I was shocked and surprised how he was able to know. I wondered maybe he knew me before. He said my mom died some months back and stated the cause of her death. He also said that family members had chased me out of the house I built. He asked if he was right and I said, “yes.” Na so everybody come dey shout, because he was saying it to everyone’s hearing. Na so fear come dey catch me ooo. “How the man take know all these things.” He said I might think he knew me, but he doesn’t. That he was just a man of God that God had ministered about me. He said he would prove to me that God was the one ministering to him about me, “as if he knew I was still doubting.” Na so this man tell me the food wey I eat that money. He told me the rout I followed when I was coming to the hospital. And he asked if he was right? And I said “yes.” People wey dey hospital come dey shout ooo. He told me that seeing him today, all my problems were over. “I was still in shock.” I had heard that couple of times but was yet to see the reality. He said they would be having a program at their church the next day, that I should try and come. He said the program would be in the morning by 8:30am. I told him I would make it. Na so some women for their dey shout Halleluya, waving their hands as if it concerned them.
I was determined to get freedom and if going to the church would be the way out, I was ready even though I had little doubts on my mind.
The next day, as early as 7am, I had already prepared and went to the white garment church through the address the man of God gave to me. When I got to the church, I met scanty place with few ushers. “I think say the man talk say them get program.” But everywhere was scanty. I asked one of the ushers what was going on and she said it was a deliverance program which would start by 8:30am. Time at that moment was 7:45am. Na so I begin wait. Some few people come dey come into the church. Many wore white and some on mufti. I guessed those of us on mufty were just first timers. At 8:30am, the population of people in the church was up to 32. The singers began singing songs. “I had attended churches even though it has been long I attended one. But I have never attended a church like this one. The way they praised God, everyone was just jumping and screaming.” The screams and shouts were distracting me. It looked as if I was watching a movie. A woman close to me began jumping like a monkey. She nearly gave me a head butt as she was jumping like a monkey screaming “Jah Jehovah Armageddon.” Na so people just dey fall anyhow for ground. All those things began distracting me. Na all those people I come dey look. As I dey look, na so somebody hit my shoulder from back. I turned to know who the person was. It was a woman. He said the pastor wants to see me. Naso I follow her comot. She carry me go one place. I guessed it was the children auditorium. The pastor was sitting on a chair with about 2 men and 3 women surrounding him. All wearing a white garment. As we walked in, the man of God asked me to seat. He called my name and said I was welcome to their church. Na so I bowed in respect as he stretched his right hand for a hand shake. I gladly had a hand shake with him. He asked me to sit and I did. Others in the place sat down too. He asked me how I was doing and I told him I was doing fine. He asked if I was enjoying the church program. I told him “yes.” *for were!* me wey just they look people wey dey fall. He began to ask me series of questions concerning my background and family, in which I told him. Na there he began advising me that I need deliverance. I needed to be delivered from oppression of the devil. He asked if I was willing to go through the deliverance session. I said provided it would end all the pains and iniquities of my life. He said that my own deliverance session will start the next day in the morning. That I should come prepared. He said I should come with six canes. “I began wondering what they would be using the canes for.” I guess the pastor saw the expression on my face. He said I shouldn’t be afraid, that the next day, the devil will leave my life. And that we were going to be flogging the devil. We were going to be flogging demons out of my life. Na so I talk “Okay ooo.” I believed that the next day would be the end of my travails. I was in happy mood that I had found solution to my problems. “Devil go here am. The devil is indeed finished.” “Pastor cele go deal with all those demons we dey fight my life.” I left the place happy.
The next day, I came as early as 7am to the church. I just wanted the deliverance to start up for the devil to be chased away out of my lives. I waited till the church was opened around 8:25am. By 9:20am, the pastor had arrived. They took me to their children auditorium. There were other people that came for deliverance too. All of us carrying 6 canes each. I was told my own deliverance session would start by 11am so I had to sit in the auditorium. They said they would be conducting the deliverance of everyone in that place.
<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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