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The doctor asked if I had taken any food, I told her I hadn’t. And seriously, I had not taken any food before leaving Ilorin. Na the woman send people go buy bread and butter for me. After eating, she injected me. I no know when sleep come carry me.
I woke up the next day. I wasn’t returned to the cell. I was placed on a small bed in a room in that premise. I was still not feeling healthy. I called on one of the officers to ask why I was arrested. He was part of the people that came to arrest me. The only thing he told me was “that when I get to court I will know why I was arrested.”
I was later returned back to the cell. I wasn’t feeling the cell at all. My appearance, the way I act sef. Even some of the inmates told the officers to come take me out of that place because I might die.
2 days later, one of the warders came to call me that someone wants to see me. They opened the cell and I came out. Na my friend Ali. I was happy that at least someone had come to bail me. But It was all dawned on me that I had been exposed. With the few minutes Ali was given to spend with me, I was able to be brief and explained what had happened when I came to Lagos and what transpired between I and Nuella. As we were there, Pastor sam and Nuella’s parents came in. It was there I got to know that it was the pastor that informed Nuella’s parents that I confessed I was a Yahoo yahoo boy. The Pastor tell them wetin I tell him. Na there my yansh come open for were Ali dey. I tried to defend myself as they accused me of killing Nuella for ritual. I began crying ooo. I was disappointed with the Pastor. I never believed he would go tell people what I told him. “Right from when I had been having these problems, Pastors have been conning me. Fake pastors.” I only came there for confession but ended up in police cell. Ali sef com dey disappointed in me, though I loved his maturity at that moment. He didn’t try to castigate me for not knowing all about the happenings in my life that moment. As I wept bitterly, Ali consoled me and assured me that he would try everything possible to get me out in no less than a week. I was bundled back into the cell.
As Ali had promised to help get me out within days. I waited for days; and days turned to weeks. Weeks turned months and I was still locked behind bars. What looked to me like a small issue that could just be settled turned into a big problem that I was asked to get a lawyer. Ali and friends, even the prayer group I rejected were all supportive. Infact the prayer group, I began accepting them. Ali will bring them from Ilorin to come and pray for us in the cell. Ali comes to see me once every 2 weeks. He will tell me how far he had gone for the settlement of the issue. Nuella’s parents were still being adamant. Dem no wan let go. At a time the lawyer Ali got was rejected and bail options turned down. Na so I stay for cell. Ali said the best option was to put in prayers and to still dialogue with the deceased parents.
As time went on, it looked as if my health was improving. I had almost forgotten that I came into the place with a serious health problem. But I was getting used to the place even though I didn’t like it. But my life seems to be changing for a positive.
5 months still in cell. One particular morning, I was called up that I had a visitor. “Who can the visitor be apart from Ali. Na so I follow come reach there. It was a shock who I saw, I couldn’t believe my eyes. That was Adaobi, Nuella’s friend that took my money away. Immediately she saw me, she wanted to hug me but the police officers blocked her. “With the stench from my body, my dirty clothes na im this girl wan hug me.” I had even forgotten everything that happened between us. Immediately the police moved away from blocking her, she hugged me. “Shey na your babe nih,” the officer said. She freed me and stared into my eyes with pity. Tears rolled down my eyes as we sat. “5 minutes ohh,” one of the officers said. I asked her where she had been all the while. She said she was in Enugu and had gotten a job at the Bank. She now works in a bank. Na there she come dey narrate wetin happen to her the time wey I give her money for her mama surgery. The police officer close by said the time was up and I need to be taken back into the cell. Na so Adaobi bring out N500 from her pulse come give them. Na so dem begin hail her for their come free me with her. Adaobi said that even the money I gave to her for the surgery, when they embarked on the first phase for her mother’s eye, after the surgery, her mom went blind immediately. Two weeks later she died. “Me sef come dey blame myself.” “The money wey I make for yahoo yahoo, I no use am do better thing.” People I gave to, the money didn’t solve their problems but rather led them into more problems, disaster.” Adaobi said they later left Lagos and moved to Enugu, she and her family. I told her that I later tried her number and it was no longer going through. I even came back to their place in Lagos and I was told they had moved out of the compound. “She said she lost her phone, and she wanted to contact me but after the burial of her mom, she was so devastated and heart broken. When she got a new phone, she didn’t retrieve the old mobile line back. She changed number and finally got a job at a new generation bank in Enugu.” After much talk about old time, she told me how she got to know about what happened. That it was one of Nuella’s siblings that called to tell her that I had been arrested because I used her sister for ritual. Na so tears rolled down my cheeks again. I told Adaobi that I never killed Nuella. She only came to visit me at Ibadan and we were on our way back to Abeokuta when the accident occurred. She said she believed me but she was highly disappointed in what I had done. “So I was into internet scam all those moment but I lied to them that I was into forex trading and online business.” Na so she begin blast me ooo. Adaobi wey dey play gentle and friendly as we dey talk come begin scold me. I even knelt down and asked to be forgiven for deceiving them. She said it’s only God that can forgive me and not her. I even ask that she help so I could be released. She said she had already gone to see the family (Nuella’s family) and releasing me was in the process. I was happy, after 5 months. So I go see outside. But she said that she was still begging the family to consider me. She encouraged me to remain hopeful and prayerful. I couldn’t tell her what I had gone through all those years but I had learnt my lessons. She left and I was taken back to the cell
<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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