Confession of a funaab yahoo boy. Episode 41. (Last episode)

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That night, I had a dream. In that dream I was going on a journey. I got to the place and got what I wanted. As I was returning back, I saw flood, large pool of water on the way. I began wondering, “was it not the road I passed few minutes back? How come there was a massive flood covering the route.” Because when I was coming on the journey, there was no single flood there. It was a dry land. But as I come dey return, water come full everywhere. I stood there thinking of what

to do and how to cross to the other side. But I noticed something; the water was drawing nearer to me as I stood. As I was moving back the water would be drawing towards me and was expanding. Before I knew what was happening, it was just like a mighty wave pushed the water towards me with a force and it began swallowing me. I was deep into the water. I began shouting and crying why I was experiencing all those. As the water was about covering me, I woke up. I was sweating profusely. I prayed.

I remained strong. I had accepted responsibilities for my actions and all I had done, and I had learnt my lessons.

2 months later, I was inside the cell when I was called to take my clothes because I would be released. I was so happy. When I came out of the cell, at the stand of the police, I met Adaobi and a lawyer with Nuella’s father. Looking at Nuella’s dad, he wasn’t happy at all. His eyes were red. I walked towards him and knelt down infront of him. As I was begging to let “by gone be by gone.” He asked me to stand. The police gave me a form to sign and even the lawyer. They said I was free. After everything, I came to realize that Adaobi had been working so hard to make my bail possible. She was even the one that got the lawyer. She said she had to plead with Nuella’s family to let go.

As we left the place after 7 months in the cell. The police sef no give me my phone and wallet. They said they don’t know where it is. I don already understand. Dem don sell those items. Adaobi had gotten a shirt and a trouser for me. She took me to one of the eatries. Na there bathroom I bath come change my cloth. I look my sef for mirror and realize that I had changed physically. But after the bath and wearing new clothes, I looked a bit better unlike when I looked tattered. We sat on one of the chairs as we ate. Adaobi asked if I knew why she fought for my release. I told her I didn’t know why. She said it wasn’t because I was not guilty but because I have a good heart. She tried to remind me what I did for her. The money I gave to them for their mother’s surgery. But unfortunately, their mother died. That single reason made her want to help because I didn’t really deserve

help with so many atrocities I had committed. She encouraged me and asked me to come with her to Enugu that she would help me secure a job and admission. I had already told her that I was in FNG 2 (Final non graduating for second year running) and I missed the exams so there was no chance for me again in FUNAAB. If not for the 7 months in the cell, I would have written the 2 carryover courses and pass it. But as the thing be, I missed the exam so na “certificate of attendance” dem go issue to me.

Adaobi still insists that I come with her to Enugu, I should change environment. She said I should leave Ilorin. I told her I will think about it and get back to her. After chatting for some time, she wrote her phone number on paper and handed to me and she gave me N5,000 for my transport back to Ilorin.

I went to the motor park and went to a business center were I called Ali to tell him I had been released. He was so happy.

When I got to Ilorin, I told Ali all that happened and how Adaobi said I should relocate to Enugu. Ali encouraged me and said it was a good idea. He even said I should forget about the house I build in Ilorin. “Indeed he is right”. I wasn’t going to go back to the house I built. This was a new me. I was free. It looked as if heavy weight was lift off me. The house was old me which I built with dubious means. Ali began telling me that even the house had been deserted. My mom’s relative had left. He said he heard that 2 of them ran mad in that house and others had to run for their lives. And weed had taken over some sections of the house. I still insisted that I wasn’t going to go there. The house reminds me of past, weird and evil memories.

A month later, I took my things and moved to join Adaobi in Enugu. They had a family house which I stayed. Adaobi was planning for her marriage to her beloved man. She even introduced me to him. They were very supportive and helped me got a job as a clerical worker in one of the ministries. She even helped register and paid my school fees at the National open university (NOUN) were I gained admission to start all over again.

Few months later, I got a message on my whatsapp. When I checked it, it was from an international number. The message read;

“Guy how far, this nah Uchenna, U.C money. I dey Yanke now. Lets talk business”

Immediately I saw it, I checked the display picture and it was indeed Uchenna my former friend. I felt like replying but something said I should ignore it. I just ignored the message.

Two days later, another message came in from the number telling me he has business worth millions to discuss with me. Something in me told me it was a temptation and I shouldn’t yield in. I looked at the message for a while and deleted it. I removed the sim and destroyed it. I went and bought another sim with another number. “Gbadebo has truly changed. I didn’t want to go back to my old ways. I have a new life and a new me. All my mates we started together had gone far ahead of me; but I had learnt my lessons and moving forward to a better life and a better tomorrow.

This is my story, the true confession of a Funaab Yahoo Yahoo Boy. The End
Author of this story is Christian C. Ozor.

Christian C. Ozor is a writer, blogger, story teller and a young entrepreneur, with the hope of inspiring and motivating people with his stories.

<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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