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Onihaxy media has now made the opportunity available for  every individuals to post news,  stories  and gist on this website with all credits giving to you. Not just that,  you will also earn per page view on every post submitted on this website.

 Start a great writing career by posting your write ups here. Here are the benefits to enjoy.

  • Copyright protection
  • Writing advice and guidelines
  • Your contents will be featured on our front-page, social media pages and affiliate sites.
  • Payments for certain number of page views
  • All credits will be dully and fully given to you, 
  • Your contact details will appear on every updates
  • Invitations to sell your Stories on Onihaxy Media story store.

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1. If you are posting a news,  gist,  gossip or Entertainment,  please select ” news update”  as your category. 
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After the first story,  you can select “existing stories”  for subsequent updates
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For news and gist posters,  your earnings will be paid every week.  And for story posters,  earnings are paid at the end of the last story episodes. 
6.  If  you are having your story as a complete writeup in doc or pdf format,  please use the second form provided to upload your files for posting. Thanks. 

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