Diary of a Guy in a Friend zone.

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Happy Sunday to you all. Let’s have another gist today.


Sometimes back in 2012, I met a lady whom I asked out but she declined, saying she was already in a relationship and she wasn’t ready to cheat on her guy. I respected her opinion and we became friends. Few months later, she started demanding for airtime which I do send to her as a friend. As time goes on, it graduated into monthly data subscription demands.When it got to a point that I couldn’t bear anymore, I was forced to ask her this question. ” but you have a boyfriend, why don’t you always ask airtime and data from him?”, I was shocked when she replied saying ” I don’t want to be asking anything from him. I don’t want him to see me as a begger or dependent girl.
Out o surprise, I asked further.” Then who do you always call with the airtime I always send to you?”, her reply was that she always use it in calling her boyfriend. The same guy she couldn’t demand from ooo. Immediately, I got my self out of that zone and broke communications with her.

Similarly, A girl whom I also asked out 2 years ago declined my request for us to date. Her excuse was also that she has a boyfriend. Only for her beg me for a phone. When I asked her why she couldn’t ask her boyfriend for a phone since she was In a relationship, her reponse was the guy in question was a university student who couldn’t afford to buya phone.

The list is just endless.

Guys who are in friend zone.How do you feel comfortable knowing well that you are taking care of another man’s property ?.

Dear Girls, why don’t you always feel comfortable asking things from your boyfriend, but you will prefer and be comfortable with demanding things from the guys in your friend zone?

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