Dilemma episode 11

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Episode 11
We took a bus down to Nmeka’s village.
When we got to her compound, I saw a
woman, surrounded by other women, they
were consoling her ”its alright. Don’t worry.
She would be found..’
I needed no soothsayer to tell me that the
poor woman was Nmeka’s mother. I felt
sorry for her plight. I was filled with
guilt.”But I didn’t kill her, I am innocent.
I wished her daughter could just come back to
life and say to her”mama its alright. I’m
here”. When she caught sight of us, she ran
towards us and held the poor girl with me.
Nmeka’s room mate “where is my
daughter!”she yelled. It took people’s effort
to let her go off the helpless girl. I should be
held, not her.
I heard a voice calling me. I turned and it
was Nmeka. I shifted backwards in fear. I was
about to run, but where to? “Tell my parents
what happened” she said thrice, with a voice
re-echoing in my head over and over again.
She disappeared. I knew other people didn’t
see her. I had to act fast before I die of fear
before my time.
I called her parent aside with great courage.
I told them that their daughter is dead and
has been appearing to me.
Immediately I said that, she appeared to me
and said with a thunderous voice, “Tell them
what actually happened before I kill you
here” I confessed for the very first time.
Her mother was like strangling me to death.
I sustained bruises from her rage. It was the
man who even saved me. He demanded to
see my parents. My heart skipped a bit. He
was really angry and sorrowful. I could see it
written over his face.
We arrived at my parents compound.
(Nmeka’s parents, myself, the room mate and
Nmeka’s uncle) It was a thing of shame for
him as I was forced to re-confess. My parents
were disappointed in me. My father ceased
my phone.
I couldn’t raise my face up as I faced the
ground. Soon people gathered. I felt like I
should just die and leave everything.
After sometime, Nmeka appeared for
everybody to see. It was a serious scene.
Some people ran and stopped at some point
to observe while some stayed out. Even her
mother was terrified. Nmeka told everybody
that I didnt kill her. She said her asthma
disease did.
I was a bit relieved but I was not really
myself at that point. I was surprised when
she pleaded with her parents to let me go.
She finally told her parents to go to the
police and tell them they are her parents so
that they would be given her corpse at the
mortuary, as ordered by the school.
Before she disappeared, she looked at me,
smiled and said” I have forgiven you, Jude”
Hours passed into days. Days into weeks and
weeks into months.
I had learnt my lesson. Social network
nearly killed me. I lost my parents trusts,
concentration with studies and my good
But above all, I prayed to God to forgive me.
*** The End ***

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