Dilemma episode 9

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Episode 9
“What?, what’s the reason for that?. Why
will the police want to search my room?” I
asked desperately. “They just want to search
all the rooms in the lodge.
According to them it’s the procedure. You
are not the only person, so you have to come
as fast as you can or else they might break
into your room when it gets to your turn” he
explained patiently. “Fine I’ll be there” I
murmured half-heartedly, breathing deeply.
It really took me about two hours to make
up my mind on returning to the lodge,
because I was so scared that the police might
find something in my room. A lipstick, lock of
hair or anything incriminating. I feared.
Though I was so sure that I wiped my room
clean before travelling, but they were experts
and I was scared something could be found
However I finally returned to my lodge very
late in the afternoon with the hope that my
room has been broken into. But on the
contrary it was as I left it (still locked).
I quickly met the hostel president with
questions in my heart and Immediately he
saw me he smiled, offering his hand for a
handshake. “It’s very fine you showed up
today. All the rooms that are yet to be
searched will be searched tomorrow.
Some students travelled like you did which
is very bad and as a result the cops decided
to search the rooms of available students
today while the locked ones will be searched
tomorrow whether the owners return or not”
he explained, settling my curiosity.
I returned to my room a bit relieved and
satisfied, quickly cleaned up everything in it
one more time, washing the bed sheet
Nmeka laid on over and over.
In fact, I made sure my room was very
much in order before resting that day.
My room was so clean that the three
policemen who searched it early the next day
on it.
“Seems like you are the cleanest student in
this lodge. Your room is so clean” one of
them said to me as he tossed around my
properties, without suspecting a thing. I
smiled nervously.
Unknown to them the room they were
searching was the main crime scene and they
left without finding anything, leaving me a bit
“What next?” I asked myself as I watched
them leave.
I bolted the door as they left and took a sigh
of relief with my eyes closed,resting my back
against the door.
Immediately,i heard a voice right there in
my room calling my name slowly:
I opened my eyes and behold, it was
Nmeka sitting on my bed!

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