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happy Sunday to you all team onihaxy fans and readers. Today’s gist is going to take a new turn as we will be having a online town hall meeting today.

We are all aware of the challenges and situation on ground as regarding the newly released season 9of Adebimpe the Facebook girl. I have been receiving several calls and social media messages from our fans, readers, Facebook page admins and web/blog owners who have been broadcasting our stories and they are all pleading for weekly updates just like it used to be in previous seasons. I felt this great pain in me of hindering several people from reading, especially people who couldn’t afford to buy it.
As a result of this, I called my entire team members and some guest writers to a meeting which lasted for 2 hours on whatsapp group to deliberate on how to secure our stories from sabotages. We are covered by dcma on all URL platforms and the only platform we have issues with is whatsapp groups and bbm channels which couldn’t be covered by dcma. Guess what?, after the two hours meeting , we couldn’t still provide a reasonable solution. We are almost ending the meeting when Dammy , our Adverts and PR admin raised a suggestion with this quote
” when thieves are terrorising a community, the best thing the ruler can do is to call the community people together and seek their opinions because the thieves live among them and not in the palace, they will have more ideas than the people living in the palace”.

This quote made my day and she saved us from unessesary brainstorming.

You people are the fans, the same people attacking us are also among you cos they steal from this page. Also, you fans and readers are the ones feeling the pains of “no weekly updates”.

Let’s hear from you readers, what is the best thing you think we can do to guarantee at least 70% security for our write ups ?.

Please. All comments and contributions counts as I will take my time to read, go through, and reply all suggestions.

The discussion doesn’t end here, you can:

* tweet at me on @onihaxy
* comment /DM me on instagram @onihaxy
* snapchat @onihaxy
* whatsapp : 08069816682
* BBM:568D8E0A
* email:

* comment on

Once again, every comments, suggestions and contribution counts. Thanks.

CEO, Onihaxy Media

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  1. i don’t think dy is anything bad if you continue doing the weekend posting..people are dy who really needs to read please continue from where you stopped

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