Doctor's prescription Episode 1

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I am a doctor you see, not one of all those ones who graduate from the university and raise their shoulders like they own the world. No, I learned mine from my father and he learned his from his father. I don’t have time for tablets and capsules, those things don’t work. I believe in raw African medicine.
I am the best there is in native traditional herbal
medicine. I’m not really any of this you see, but this is the line I give my clients when they come to my makeshift herbal clinic.
My brother, what do you expect me to do? Economy is bad. There are no jobs. I graduated from the university where I read mass communications nine years ago, and for the first seven years of this nine, I roamed the streets of Lagos looking for a job. No one wanted to
employ me. I was 29 when I had that epiphany; I’m not getting any younger, and the jobs are not coming. I have to help myself, because government will not help me.
One has to be smart in Lagos you see, so I opened this my clinic in obalende.
I put up a sign at the entrance which said I was a guru in herbs and potions with special emphasis on women problems.
You see, I had solved two problems with one stone. I had put a stop to the most biting of my economic problems. As long as there are women on earth, they will be drawn to this place, and if I can’t cure them,
well, no harm done. They will always go somewhere else, but I trust my marketing prowess, I’m sure they would have parted with a lot of their cash first.
The second problem which I solved is a bit more…erm… Personal. You see, ever since I can remember, I have loved women of various shapes and sizes. Back in my university days, I was averaging three different girls per week, but since the economic crunch hit, that number has drastically reduced.
You see, many of the women that come here know what they want.
I am relatively good looking, and well built. But my
major selling point, the one that brings old customers back and new customers to my shop is my pen*s. You see, it is a fine piece of workmanship and coupled with
the fact that I know exactly how to use it to make any lady scream, I am hot cake here.
Many of the women who came here…
Oh, enough stories, my main customer is here. Madam Power, a married mother of two children. You see, after her husband gave her a second kid, he almost never slept with her. He blamed it on work and later on his poor libidos. She came to me to see if I had any medecine to renew his manhood, but instead I had been servicing her since then. Not for free though, she paid me cool cash for my services, she was well to do,
so it didn’t bother her, and I was more than willing so it didn’t bother me. She has been coming for the past six months and i always have her special therapy ready and packaged.
We waste no time in pleasantries, I desire in her eyes. I took her to the adjacent consulting room where all the Action took place. She was wearing a tight leggings and before I knew it, she had taken her top off. She was wearing no bra, leaving her breasts free for me to fondle, and fondle I did. Her big juicy breasts were well proportioned and I sucked them till she squirmed and began to moan.
I took off my clothes, and bent her over the desk.
She told me that she didn’t have much time as her
husband was coming here to pick her up.
Ever the sharp guy I am, I bent her over and pulled her leggings to her knees. She was not wearing any panties just the way I told her I liked it. I put on a condom I had retrieved from my desk and slowly pushed the head of my monster cock into her pu**sy.
She kept on rolling her bum at me and I had to spank her butt a few times to keel her steady. When my entire cock went in, I picked up the pace and making sure I hit her g spot, began banging away at her hole.
She kept on moaning loudly and begging me to smash her harder. I liked it when she begged me like that and I thrust faster and faster, pistoning in and out of her. I could feel my orgasm starting and I smashed her harder and faster. By this time, her pu**sy was soaking wet, and dripping down her legs. Just as I was about blowing my load, she hit orgasm, moaning and screaming loud while her pu**sy tightened around my cock.
I couldn’t help it and I came into the condom.
By this time, we were both sweating, and I took a
towel, cleaned up and gave it to her to do the same. She did, got dressed, tossed me a wad of bills, and without saying a word began leaving. I followed her to the door, and as we opened it, we stopped in our tracks, frozen in place by fear, because right there sitting on the couch in the reception, was her husband.

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