Doctor's prescription. Episode 3.

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Episode Three

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I actually thought I was seeing a vision from heaven, or rather a dream, but considering the time of day, it was highly unlikely.

Standing in the doorway was an exquisite creature; woman did not begin to do justice to her beauty.

Her dark eyes were framed by naturally long eyelashes, precisely located above her aquiline nose and pencil thin lips.

She had a full figure, with breasts and behind perfectly matching in size as well as firmness. Her skin was of burnished caramel, and a mischievous grin seemed to be moments away from her lips.

She had on a tight fitting red dress which was the exact shade of her lipstick.

I took in all this in the few seconds it took me to regain my composure and by sheer strength of will, opened my mouth to ask who she was, but what emanated could best be described as a squeak. “Hello, how may I help you?”
“I am looking for Doctor please”. she replied in a voice barely above a whisper, but yet so husky I could feel a familiar ache start in my groin. “Yes, yes, come in. I am Doctor”, I invited her in while making way for her, placing myself strategically adjacent to the door in order not to miss the thrill of watching her backside as it made its own way in.

She slowly walked into the reception while I, mesmerized by the sight before me hastily closed and locked the door, taking care to ensure that it was securely bolted to avoid unwanted interruptions.

It was a wonder how I was able to walk properly from the door to the executive chair located behind my mahogany desk, as junior down there was aching to be freed.
All this while, the lady in red watched my discomfiture with the beginnings of a sly grin, and when I was seated comfortably, I offered her a seat on the couch which she readily accepted.

” Hello”, I began “I have the solution for all your medical proplems. I don’t believe in tablets and…” I was warming up to my well rehearsed routine when she suddenly lifted her right palm, cutting me off mid-sentence.

“I’m not here for all that Doc”. The desire in her voice when she said those words was enough for me to realize she meant exactly what she was saying.
You see”, she continued with a hint of shyness, “my husband is a soldier and he was just posted to the northern part of the country”.

I nodded my head vigorously in agreement to what she was saying. It was hardly news anymore the damage being wrecked by the insurgents in the northeastern part of the country. Ever the pacifist, I previously, strongly condemned the activities of the violent sect, but at this moment, I was more than grateful to the leader of the militants for having enough foresight to found a group that ensured men were sent to combat, thus leaving their wives behind to be taken care of by yours faithfully.

She continued seemingly oblivious to my belligerent thoughts.

“We were married for just two months before he was called to the warfront”. She seemed remarkably composed and tear free for someone whose husband was probably being hacked to death, but who am I to complain.

it has been three months since he left and sometimes it gets so lonely”. “Yes, yes, true, true”, I chipped in, revelling in the thought that this would be an easy lay.

I’m glad you understand” she said slightly above her breath. “My friend, a client of yours told me that you offer extra services”.

She didn’t offer a name as none was required. In my line of work, names were a luxury that could be done away with.

You are very correct”, I nodded in time with the pulsation of my member.

I had been overcome with lust and I’m sure she could see the leer on my face.

“I at times need the touch of a man”, she continued, ” and I have heard that you are every inch the man you claim to be”. She concluded in direct reference to the size of my tool.
I didn’t need further invitation, and managing, despite the obvious tent in my trousers to stand up, invited her to come a bit closer.

She was obviously shy, as she giggled like a schoolgirl while standing and ambling toward my general direction.

As she approached, I caught a whiff of her scent, a heady mix of vanilla which seemed to do wonders to my libido.

I was actually surprised that less than two hours after I had enjoyed a romp, I could actually be this turned on, and wasting no time with further pleasantries, I took her in my arms, and nibbled lightly on her left earlobe. Her perfume was overpowering and overcome with an unsatiated longing, I groped her breasts through the sheer fabric, fondling them in rhythm with her muffled moans of excitement.

I released her for a few seconds to enable me take off my clothes, and leaning back on the large table, wriggled out of my shoes and trousers. She seemed to be impressed at the size of my package as it strained to be let lose from my underwear as she kept on smacking her lips lasciviously. I was about to satisfy my animalistic urge, or so I thought to myself, because at that exact moment, her phone rang, and tearing herself from my reinstated grip, she rushed to her purse, retrieved her phone, and with an obvious look of pure panic, ran quickly towards the door, unhinged the bolts and made her way out of the building and compound; leaving me standing in just my briefs, with a throbbing hardon aching for relief and confusion written all over my face.

<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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