Doctor's prescription. Episode 4

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It took me a while to collect my wits . What exactly was all that about ?
Why did she have to run off like that , leaving me alone , high and dry?
I was terribly tense sexually and I had hoped she would complete the good work she had begun , but unfortunately she had to run off like that .
I was silently praying that she would come back immediately .
Maybe she was playing a prank, and she just wanted to see my reaction. I tiptoed towards the lone draped window, and pushing the curtains a bit apart , I snuck a peak at the main access road, but she was nowhere in sight.
This is it then , I thought to myself . I better get going as dusk was fast approaching.
I walked back to the desk, and picking up each piece of clothing, wore them slowly and trudged to the bathroom adjoining the lobby.
Turning on the tap , I sprinkled some water over my face and counted to ten for the lusty feelings to gradually subside.
Seeing that this approach was taking forever to give noticeable results, I doused my entire head in a jet of water. The sheer shock of the cold water permeating my scalp was enough to signal my tool to stop its throbbing and deflate immediately .
Problem solved , I thought as I dried my head and neck with an old towel hanging on the door .
Making sure to switch off the electrical appliances, I locked up shop and walking slowly to my apartment, relieved the events of the day, while casting my mind back to my very first client when I opened office a while back;
Nneka was her name . She was a single lady in her late thirties .
She was dark , sharp tongued and petite ; I liked to imagine her like a dynamo, short ball of energy , active and full of life.
She never let the fact that she was unmarried at an age where the society she lived in expected her to be a mother already – weigh her down, or so she made it seem when we met initially.
It was her who introduced me to the more clandestine aspect of my business, as she had come for genuine medical concerns, insomnia if I remember correctly.
I knew quite well I could not profer a solution so I decided to charm her with my quick wit and good humor .
She fell for my jokes as I was at my most charming , and she laughed so hard I thought she would explode . And when I gave her a potion to drink , she actually came the next day to report that she had never before slept as soundly as she did . It was a tincture of dried bitter leaves I had given her , but I did a remarkably fair job of hiding my surprise at its supposed efficacy .
She stayed to chat , and before I realized , the conversation had turned to me .
When she asked why I remained unmarried , obviously taking my ringless finger as a beacon of my single state, I told her that I was hoping I could find someone of my specification first .
She asked, quite coyly what my requirements in a woman were , and while I stuttered to find an honest answer , I noticed she had come closer to me , breathing down my face and sending signals to parts of my body that mattered .
We made love right there on the couch we sat on, and on the desk and then on the floor , and for us it became a regular routine.
We must have both gotten bored after a few weeks of back breaking new positions and we naturally drifted apart .
As her parting gift to me however, she told me that I had a gift to make women happy , and it would be a shame if I let it go to waste.
A few days after that , I redesigned my sign post to specify my favored gender , and thus began my foray into the murky waters of male prostitution.
I actually chuckled out loud at the thought that I had become a prostitute , but if that was what was necessary to survive in Lagos , then so be it .
I rounded a bend , and approached my house, a two bedroom flat occupied solely by me . It must have seemed quite odd to my immediate neighbors that a young man like me should live in such a large space alone, and many of the daring ones had even suggested , albeit candidly that I get a wife to fill up my space, but I was not inclined to listen to small talk and they eventually let me be .
I walked up the short stairs that led to the main entrance of my building , and while fumbling with my keys, I heard a sound that made me stop cold in my tracks .
To be continued .

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