Doctor's Prescription episode 5

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The voice I heard is one I am very familiar with . “ Kamarudeen” the voice cried softly . i stood transfixed before turning to my mom standing in the eaves .
“ Ekaroo ma ” I greeted reverently . She was the last person I expected to see at my home this evening. Ever since I left home to seek my fortunes, I had hardly seen my parents, content with sending a monthly stipend to them back in the village .
“ Ekaroo omo mi” she replied . Mama had a high pitched voice , still strong for her seventy one odd years. She shuffled toward me .
“ I have been waiting for you here since afternoon. How has work been ?” She quizzed me .
“ Ah mama , I ’ m so sorry please come in with me so you can have something” I made to carry her hand bag as I opened the door to the living room.
She shuffled in , a little bent at the waist, and in a manner that betrayed her advancing age .
We were both settled in , and eaten before she began her reason for coming to seek me out.
“ My son , it has been a long while you came to see your parents in the vvillage. I thank God you are alive and well. Your father and relatives send their greetings” .
I nodded my head slowly.
She pressed on. “ You are no longer a young man . I don ’ t know exactly what you are waiting for but I must carry my grandchildren before I go to join my ancestors . You are doing well for yourself ” she moved her eye round my modest sitting room as she said this . I cringed inwardly as I knew where this talk was going. It was a marriage talk for sure . The last time she spoke about that , I had deftly mmaneuvered and promised to do it soon . I am sure I could do the same again .
“ My son , you must get yourself a wife to give us grand children . We are not going any younger you know?”
“ I know mama , I will get married very soon . I ’ m still looking for a good girl”
I replied , hoping that will lessen her steam on these tracks .
“ Is alright” she replied as she smiled knowingly . “ I know that it is difficult to get a good girl in this Lagos . Most of them have big eyes aand want to eat only” .
I nodded my head vigorously , as I hoped that would end the discussion. I am enjoying my job too much right now and I know marriage would be a distraction. Mummy didn ’ t know the real business I did , so it was easy for her to suggest I got hitched.
“ That is why I have found a wife for you. You will see her early tomorrow morning. She is on her way from the village . Good night .”
She stood up and left me in the sitting room to go sleep , while I stared after her , wide eyed and mouth agape , the shock of her announcement still fresh on my face .

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