Doctor's prescription episode 7

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Episode Seven

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This was not my favorite part of s.e.x but if it is what would please her, I must do it.

I buried my mouth deep in her pubic region. Using my tongue, I separated both lips of her Pu$$¥, and moving from side to side with my tongue, I found her clitoris.

Taking it in my mouth, it being engorged, I alternated between licking and biting it very lightly, and then swirling it around my mouth for good measure.

She seemed to like my ministrations in her cunt, as she kept on moaning and begging me to continue.

I kept at it for a full ten minutes, and by then, she was as wet as a leaking faucet.

At that point, she whispered to me to f_ck her hard, and as a sharp guy, I wasted no time.

I opened my cupboard, and selecting the right condom for the occasion, a ribbed heavy duty condom, I tore it open, and slipped it on.
My Manhood at this point was thoroughly engorged and I could feel the desire emanating from her. She had an animal ferocity in her eyes that just seemed to beckon me to pound her real hard.

I was ready for the challenge, and bending her over the table in the room, I penetrated into her Pu$$¥ from the back. I came in slowly at first, giving her time to get used to my thickness, and when she was reasonably comfortable, I began to move in and out gradually.

She held on to the table for dear life, her long fingernails scraping away the thick layer of paint on it, but in her ecstasy, she didn’t notice. With my every inward thrust she inhaled sharply, and my outward pull made her moan slightly.

I was at it in this position for so long I lost track of time, so I pulled her to the floor, and bending her into the doggy position, continued pushing into her and making her moan. All this while, she was getting wetter and wetter, I wondered if she would leave a pool on the floor.
This was really one of the best pussies I had in a while and I intended using it well.
I Fu¢ked her in this position for all of thirty minutes, and by then I was thoroughly spent. However, she showed no signs of tiring, and urged me on. I was really tired, but as the man I went on pounding and occasionally rubbing her Pu$$¥ hard.

After a while of this treatment, she came, while shuddering and shaking and I knew my work here was done. I lay down on the cold hard floor, cuddling her by my side, and still in that position, we both fell asleep, naked.

To be continued…. 

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